9 Must-Have Elements for Landing Pages That Convert

If you have a landing page, you obviously want it to boost your conversion rate. Whether you’re giving away a free e-book or selling a product, the goal is to get the customer to the next step. There are some elements that your landing page needs to have to help with your conversion goals. Here are nine must-haves for landing pages that convert:

1. Unique Selling Proposition

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What about your product is going to excite your customers? Ask yourself, why should they buy from you? Your unique selling proposition, or USP, is the most important part of your landing page. What sets you apart from your competition? Make this the most prominent element of the landing page with an easily identifiable message. So, what exactly is in a valuable USP?

Consider a header that tells your customers what they’re getting. You want to quickly and efficiently let them know the selling point of your product. In many cases, the USP is also a company’s slogan. Continue reading “9 Must-Have Elements for Landing Pages That Convert”

What Your Landing Page and a First Date Have In Common

First dates and landing pages have nothing in common, right? Wrong! In fact, the two have a surprising number of similarities. Both can be awkward if done wrong, and great if done correctly. A good landing page, like a good first date, can lead to amazing things. A bad date, like a bad landing page, can lead to a nasty reputation.

First Impressions are Everything

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Have you ever been set up on a blind date? You open the door and take a look at the other person for the first time. What do you see? Unfortunately what you see first is what is going to stick in your mind for the rest of the date, and probably for a long time afterward. First impressions are crucial. You don’t want to assault the visitors to your site with painfully bright color schemes and outdated gifs. Don’t be the guy that shows up with overly greased hair and a Hawaiian shirt to go to a fancy restaurant. Continue reading “What Your Landing Page and a First Date Have In Common”

Targeted Landing Pages Have Higher Conversion Rates – Why Aren’t You Using Them?

Imagine a father is at the ballpark with his son. Two vendors hear the kid whining about being hungry. One vendor yells “hotdogs!” The other tells the father that he can shut the kid up for $5. He gets the sale. Why? Because he uses targeted landing pages. A bit more advanced strategy for your landing page optimization process.Targeted landing pages sell hotdogs

A targeted landing page speaks directly to the needs of a specific type of customer. It connects on a deeper level because it’s not just yelling “hotdogs.” It’s selling a solution to a specific need – and that increases conversion rates.

When done well, a targeted landing page will always have a higher conversion rate than a generic landing page. There are too many types of customers for a single, generic page to satisfy. The page will yell “hotdogs!” and everyone will wonder “why should I care?”

Target one customer at a time

Let’s say you’re a flood insurance company and you want people to fill out a form to request a quote. You could use a single landing page that emphasizes “coverage you can count on.” OR you could use a different page for each type of visitor.

Here are three examples: Continue reading “Targeted Landing Pages Have Higher Conversion Rates – Why Aren’t You Using Them?”