First Impressions Last – 5 Reasons You Need A Great Landing Page

Reasons You Need A Great Landing Page

You’ve probably heard that you only have one chance to make a first impression. You’ve been told that first impressions last, so make them count.

Do they really matter? Consider the book, Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. He cites numerous studies that show our first impressions are fairly accurate, and that they do indeed stand the test of time.

According to an article by ABCNews, first impressions are the most important. They indicate the future course of a relationship with someone.

Just what does this have to do with your landing page?

The BBC tells us that Internet users make up their minds about the quality of your website and the information on it in the blink of an eye. That’s just a 20th of a second.

Because of the importance and value of the first impression, we’re going to look at five reasons you need a great landing page.

Your first impressions and future relationships with your customer depend on it.

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Cyber Monday awesome landing pages you can use for inspiration

We analyze some of the largest online retailers landing pages for one of the biggest online shopping days Cyber Monday.

Best Buy

  • Good looking headline with nice background design
  • A great way to lay out the different categories of the site with icons/text links
  • Large red callout with “hottest cyber week deals” and “show now” button


  • Keeps it extremely simple with a large headline text reading “shop cyber monday deals today!”
  • With the simple theme has links for all categories on the site
  • Good red blurb on top left showing ‘free shipping’


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College Information Landing Page Inspiration – Part Two

A landing page is a like a conversation with all the subtlety thrown out. This is not a conversation you have on a first date when you are extremely polite and trying to pick up hints (“does he really like me?” “Did that anecdote from my time in jail scare her?”).

A landing page is where you, savvy marketer, are extremely upfront. You tell people who you are, what you have, and why they want it. People glance at you. They either run screaming for the door (the ‘x’ button) or settle in for a few seconds longer.

There is nothing subtle about this, which is why you need to beat your message into visitors when they arrive. Continuing with our series on college information landing pages, we’re taking a look at a landing page from SearchSchools. The page has a lot going for it, but it needs to lose the subtle hints and start slapping us in the face.

Is there anything I can’t do?
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Landing Page Inspiration for Internet Startups

landing page inspriation for iphone apps

Whenever we start a new landing page optimization project we like to start out by checking out all the other sites in the same industry/niche market. It helps us to see what else is out there and gets us inspired to see what the competition is doing (and not doing) these days. This week we focused on landing pages for internet start-ups.

We made some basic notes on some of the elements that stand out to us. But there is one part of the landing page that every single internet start-up seems to screw-up on their landing pages (usually their home page): What is it your freakin’ product does for ME?

Use headlines to grab them by the throat

It’s nice to know that one of your buddies at mashable wrote an article about you, and you get to put their logo on your site as a solid trust element. Kudos. But no “real people” outside of “the valley” gives a flying fig newton about what they say, nor how brilliant you are. (no offense, we like mashable, but we’re not “real people” either.)

Real People. #1 search result for "Average American" in Google)

Real people, those average visitors that you are begging God to fall in love with you and your product, only have their internal radio tuned into one station: WIIFM. “What’s In It For Me”.

Out of the 3 sites we reviewed, I think Addroid did the best in terms of quickly explaining their benefit. But even then, they could improve their copy on the landing page as well.

The “real people” for your market may be different than the “real people” for, but they are still tuned to WIIFM like everyone else on the planet.
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Landing Page Inspiration for Insurance Websites

When we begin a new Conversion Rate Optimization project we like to start out by seeing what else is out there to help us get inspired and to see what the competition is doing (and not doing) these days. This week we focused on landing pages for insurance websites.

For our landing page inspiration blog posts, we like to run though and point-out the good “best practices” on the pages, as well as highlight some of the elements that we would recommend testing.

Please use the comment area below to post some critiques and questions. Please add your thoughts on elements that should be pointed out on the pages. Often times, there are more gold nuggets there to find.

To see our comments, just rollover the images and our good/try notes will popup.

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