3 Reasons Why It’s Insane to Copy Competitors’ Landing Page Designs

You have a competitor with a large budget. Or maybe a competitor that does more optimization testing than you. Have you ever been tempted to play ‘Follow the Leader?’ After all, you know the company does tests. Why not let them do the work and steal their landing page designs?

Here’s why: because that is insane.

There are principles of landing page optimization, but they manifest differently on every page. For example, the conversion process must be simple and easy. But what is simple for one audience can be a huge burden to others.

lost puppy landing page design
Only Lost Puppies Copy Landing Page Designs

Have you ever been annoyed by a “helpful” video that automatically played when you hit the page? I know I have. But some people do find such videos helpful, and they are proven to increase conversion rates on many sites. But it doesn’t work on every site!

So you must test your pages. Ignore the competition. Your job is to beat them, not follow them like a lost puppy!

Here are three more reasons it is insane to copy competitors’ pages:

Difference #1. Value proposition

Customers choose you over competitors for a reason. There are unique and compelling aspects of your company that appeal to them. Those aspects are your value proposition – the reason your best customers purchase from you.

Your value proposition differentiates you. It says, “We have the best prices,” or “We provide the only full-service solution.” Notice those superlatives: “best” and “only.” They are exclusive. You are the only company that has these things. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why It’s Insane to Copy Competitors’ Landing Page Designs”