What Typography Tells People About Your Landing Page

You want your website to say something to the customer as soon as the page loads. There are many ways to do this – with color, composition, and images. However, one thing that many website owners forget is typography. When you really want your website to evoke a feeling, make sure you are using the correct typography.

Fun and Laid Back Fonts for Casual Sites

Image via Flickr by tarrytown

Are you building a website where you are trying to show a fun, casual, laid back face? If so, it is important to show this with the typography. Make sure you use font faces that are considered less formal. When trying to show off a fun website, consider the following fonts:

Keep in mind that many ‘fun’ fonts are also considered cheesy. Additionally, they may be difficult to read if used in a large amount of text. It is a good idea to use them in moderation. Continue reading “What Typography Tells People About Your Landing Page”

Landing Page Inspiration for Insurance Websites

When we begin a new Conversion Rate Optimization project we like to start out by seeing what else is out there to help us get inspired and to see what the competition is doing (and not doing) these days. This week we focused on landing pages for insurance websites.

For our landing page inspiration blog posts, we like to run though and point-out the good “best practices” on the pages, as well as highlight some of the elements that we would recommend testing.

Please use the comment area below to post some critiques and questions. Please add your thoughts on elements that should be pointed out on the pages. Often times, there are more gold nuggets there to find.

To see our comments, just rollover the images and our good/try notes will popup.

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