9 Copywriting Tips and Techniques For eCommerce Product Pages

Copywriting Tips for ECommerceWhat should I say? How much should I say? How much is too much? Or, for that matter, too little? Who’s my audience? Will they understand what I’ve written? What format works best?

But, wait, I’m not a creative writer! Help!

If you’ve ever muttered these questions to yourself while pouring over your eCommerce product descriptions, than this article is for you. If you’re struggling to write copy that converts, this post is also for you.

Let’s discuss 10 copywriting tips and techniques for eCommerce product pages.

Your job is to create a vivid picture in the shopper’s mind. Your picture must be tantalizing and clear, so much so that the shopper imagines holding the product and using it.

Take a step into the multi-faceted world of creating writing. You are equal parts prose writer (vivid descriptions) and journalist (just the facts, please). A combination of the two creates winning product pages that convert.

Tip #1: Go Back to the Five Ws

You remember these, right? Many of us were taught way back in grade school to use the five Ws when writing or describing something. It’s also a trick of the astute eCommerce writer. Let’s use these five Ws to craft persuasive product descriptions. Continue reading “9 Copywriting Tips and Techniques For eCommerce Product Pages”

10 Commandments of Copywriting That Inspire Conversion

If you want your landing page to convert, you need good copy. Bad copy isn’t going to inspire anyone to purchase your product and can even drive people away from your site. So, if you really want to make sales and get conversions from your landing page, follow these 10 copywriting commandments that are essential for good landing page optimization.

1. Thou Shalt Call Thy Visitors to Action

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Don’t be wishy-washy. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. One of the most important things about website copy is that your call to action is consistent, strong, and most important, present. Too many website owners don’t want to feel like they are pressuring visitors, so they leave out the Call to Action (CTA). If you do this, your site won’t convert as well. Continue reading “10 Commandments of Copywriting That Inspire Conversion”

Landing Page Copywriting: Why benefits earn more conversions than features

Remember the last time you bought something at a gift shop? Maybe you were at a museum and bought a commemorative spoon or something? You probably didn’t realize it, but that experience taught you about landing page copywriting.

Landing Page Copywriting at the Museum
Landing Page Copywriting at the Museum

Whatever you bought, it was insanely overpriced. But you were feeling good. You were on vacation with the kids. You had extra money. Why not?

About a week later you probably saw the spoon and wondered, “What was I thinking?” The truth is that you weren’t thinking. You were “feeling.”

“Feeling” is stronger than thinking

Everyone wants to be logical. We want to weigh facts, consider options and make good decisions. But many times we don’t.

Continue reading “Landing Page Copywriting: Why benefits earn more conversions than features”