A Better Mousetrap: 5 Effective Ways to Capture More Emails

Have you noticed a drop in the number of email captures you get? Sometimes you need to change things up with your email opt-in process to increase this number. When you’re considering your email captures, there are a few things you can change on your landing page to help ensure you get a better email capture conversion.

1. Registration During Purchase

Image via Flickr by Rob Enslin

One of the most effective ways to ensure email capture is to ask visitors to register when they purchase something from your website. The customer is already engaged in your site and product, and will usually fill out the registration form. In fact, one study shows that registration during purchase has a 58 percent effectiveness for those who use it. Whether you require registration to buy, or it’s just an option, you’re going to get more email addresses with a registration form at this point. Make sure to test a checkout process with vs without registration so you know this doesn’t have a negative overall effect! Continue reading “A Better Mousetrap: 5 Effective Ways to Capture More Emails”

How to Effectively and Un-Annoyingly Use Pop Ups On Your Website

We all hate pop-ups, right? Well, technically yes. In most studies, 90-95% of respondents claim to hate pop-ups. So, if this is true, why are they still used all over the internet? The honest truth of the matter is that they are used because, as much as people hate them, they respond to them. Many website owners have seen an increase in sales as much as 40% after adding pop-ups. However, you need to be careful and use un-annoying tactics when integrating pop-ups in your site.

As always, be sure to test your popup, as these are general guidelines and may not be the best for your traffic. Consult our Opt-in Email Newsletter Popup Best Practices for more inspiration on what to test.

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