Great Landing Page Optimization Tips from the 2012 Presidential Election

Presidential campaigns are tornadoes of cash. This year’s is the biggest yet. Floods of money have poured into campaign marketing. The money supports a mountain of tactics, and this year we’re seeing a lot of landing page optimization.

We looked over the campaign websites of President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Doing our best to ignore the politics, we drooled over their landing pages and saw a ton of conversion tactics.

Here’s what we found:

Landing page optimization — déjà vu

When you search for each candidate in Google, the campaign website is the first result. Both sites display an email capture form before the homepage, and we’re going to comment on these forms together. Take a look and you’ll see why:

barak obama - email capture landing page optimization

mitt romney - email capture landing page

Am I having déjà vu? In terms of landing page optimization, the pages are almost identical! Only a few details are changed.

Here’s what we see:

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