17 MKTG ABBR U N2K (Marketing Abbreviations You Need To Know)

Have you ever been in a meeting when everyone started throwing around acronyms? It gets a little confusing. Since many of these acronyms are either interchangeable or similar, that makes it even harder to follow. Let’s try to decode some of the most notorious marketing acronyms.

1. AOV – Average Order Value

Image via Flickr by Anthony Easton

Averages are all the rage in marketing and sales. When you know your average order value, you can state this in marketing letters, inquiries, and more. Of course, knowing your AOV isn’t going to tell you what’s wrong with your site, but if your AOV is low it can help you realize if you have some work to do. Continue reading “17 MKTG ABBR U N2K (Marketing Abbreviations You Need To Know)”

Boost your Christmas conversions by 10.2% with a simple JavaScript trick (code included)

Hot off the conversion press and just-in-time for Christmas.

Last year we posted about our Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays test we ran for one of our clients. This year we decided to some landing page optimization tests with variations of the Christmas theme.

If you’ve followed our blog before, you know that creating a sense of urgency for your users to act usually increases conversions. Since we practice what we preach, we decided to run a headline on one of our client’s websites doing just that. We tested a headline that reminds them how near Christmas is. We came up with 2 variations of this headline: one that just states the days, and another that states the days, hours, minutes, and seconds and counts down in real time.

The test:

Here’s the day countdown:

10 days til Christmas.

Here’s the realtime seconds countdown, +10.2% in conversion rate:

9 days, 13:22:03 til Christmas.

Continue reading “Boost your Christmas conversions by 10.2% with a simple JavaScript trick (code included)”