6 Ways To Radically Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

High shopping cart abandonment rates is a thorn in the side of every ecommerce marketer. People load their carts, see your shipping rates, and say “adios.” Instead of being frustrated, you should see abandonment for what it really is: a big fat opportunity to slash shopping cart abandonment rates!

One of Many Abandoned Shopping Carts

More than 75% of all shopping carts are abandoned, according to Listrak’s six-month shopping cart abandonment index. That means only one out of every four shoppers converts. The question is, how do you get the other three to pony up some dough?

Here are six facts you need to know to lift shopping cart and checkout conversion rates:

Fact #1. Shoppers want free shipping

Shipping costs are to blame for 44% of abandoned carts, according to Forrester. It’s the number-one cause of cart abandonment, and has been for years.

What do people want to pay for shipping? Zero dollars. Free shipping and coupon codes are everywhere. They’ve conditioned consumers to expect a deal. If you don’t have a deal, they’re going to find someone who does.

This leaves ecommerce sites with two options: Continue reading “6 Ways To Radically Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates”