How to track conversions without a “conversion page” in Google Optimizer

When you set up an AB Experiment through Google Website Optimizer, it expects you to have a few separate pages:

  • The Control Page
  • The Variant Pages
  • The Conversion Page

For most websites this isn’t a problem, but what if you’re unique? What if you don’t have a typical conversion page to thank the user?

Don’t fret – we’ll show you how to trigger that conversion script if your end goal is a download, redirect, or something else non-standard. You can even use these techniques to confirm your visitors are actually reading your copy.

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Increase conversion rate by making your site ugly. . .

Over the years many have contemplated the counter-intuitive ability of “ugly” sites to win huge market share – think,,,,,, or usability expert Jakob Nielsen’s 

In our adventures in website optimization we’ve developed our own grand unified theory of why ugly web design works:  Continue reading “Increase conversion rate by making your site ugly. . .”

Test your horizontal layout to maximize conversion rate (with our free tool):

User-interface guru Jackob Nielsen’s concludes that Web users spend 69% of their time viewing the left half of the page and 30% viewing the right half. A conventional layout is thus more likely [to improve website conversion rate].

Website Conversion Test ToolOn the FutureNow blog, Brendan Regan suggests developing an infographic to let you lay Nielsen’s findings over your own website.

We’ve taken this one step further and created a tool that you can download today to do your own tests,

Step by Step Guide to Google Analytics for Beginners

Whenever a new client hires us to increase their landing page or eCommerce conversions the first thing we ask is “How do you currently track your statistics?”  You’d be surprised at the answers we get – here’s a small sample:

“We just track sales”
“We track hits using Awstats in our Cpanel”
“We track visit, sales, ROI per visit, and Using our logistical…[continued talking for about 4 minutes]… in Excel Spreadsheet

It still amazes me how many people with all the free tools such as Google Analytics still don’t track their site’s conversions.

So ladies and gentlemen, before we can give you any tips to increase your conversions the first thing we we will teach you is how to install Google Analytics so you can know exactly what is going on in your page.

This guide is made for the complete beginner so I will go into every detail and post a ridiculous amount of screenshots that may seem like common sense to more versed users.

Read the Step by Step Guide to Google Analytics for Beginners after the jump!

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