3 Devilish marketing lessons learned from Judgment Day

Judgment Day – May 21, 2011

How to keep your marketing campaigns from eternal damnation

Judgment Day May 21 2011 Billboard

If you are like me, you are probably interested in how a simple “the end is near” type campaign on billboards captured the heart and conversations of a nation. I decided to de-construct the campaign and try to figure out exactly what made it tick (and ultimately explode).

On May 21, 2011 at 6:00PM (in your time zone, no less), the world is coming to an end. How do I know that? Good question. Simply because of the dozen or so billboards scattered around town. You can’t miss ’em! (Unless you’re texting and driving, then you can miss them).

By the beginning of May everyone was talking about it. Didn’t matter your religious background or beliefs, everyone was asking, “So whadaya think about Judgment Day coming on May 21st?”

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An Interview, an iPad, and an Absence . . .

It’s been an entertaining and busy month at Conversion Voodoo – regular posting to resume soon, in the meantime here’s what we’ve been up to:

First, conversion guru Rich Page made us think really hard . . .

Our friend and conversion guru Rich Page was kind enough to interview one of our co-founders – click here to read the interview. We also included a variety of the latest conversion tips we’re seeing drive huge performance gains.

Second, we enjoyed time with our clients at the ERA show . . .

We try to make it out to a few conferences a year in between driving insane conversion rate increases for our clients.

This year Jon, Hershey, Dilenia, and Jennifer made it out to the ERA show in Las Vegas meeting with clients, and working hands on to educate the world of direct-to-consumer retailers about conversion rate optimization!

Third, Conversion Voodoo dolls and free iPads . . .

As if you needed a reason to become a Conversion Voodoo client – check out that gift basket with a custom Chocolate Voodoo doll!

That’s right – delicious, kind of evil, and entertaining.

Mark White from RevDRTV is a new friend and the winner of our ERA iPad giveaway – congrats Mark and look forward to working together!

Wrapping up, welcoming new clients and hitting homeruns . . .

In September we welcomed in several new clients and saw record month-over-month growth in conversion rate increases.

The word is getting out – we manage end-to-end conversion rate optimization and drive incredible results – copy, design, technology, everything:

  • Click here to contact us right now for a free analysis or call 1-800-454-5882.
  • No money up front – we work on performance, backed by a $10,000 guarantee!
  • You’ll get a full team of designers, copywriters, marketing gurus, and technical overachievers working overtime to increase your website conversion rate!

It’s NOT the economy stupid! Your website just sucks. At least from a profit point of view. ;-)

not economy your website sucksI’ve probably offended you. How can your site be bad, when you’ve spent so much time and massive amounts of resources to make it the most beautiful site on the planet? My intention is not to offend, but to rattle. To shake up your beliefs about how to survive in the Great Recession. You may have a pretty site, but it can be better (much better) from a profit point of view.

I find it interesting how we humans blame shift: “I’m Fat” – It’s the fault of the fast food restaurants and junk food companies. “I am in debt” – It’s the credit card company. “I’m going into foreclosure” – It’s the mortgage lenders fault. “We’re getting a divorce” – It’s my wife’s fault, I’m the perfect husband.

And now I see companies blaming the economy on their website’s lousy performance. Bah humbug!

I’m going to start start a 12-step program for companies with poorly performing websites.The WWA (Wimpy Websites Anonymous)

First step to recovery, admit you have a problem. YOU, not the economy. It’s time to own the responsibility, suck it up and say, “It’s my fault, and I need to do something about it.”

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