How Does Responsive Web Design Affect SEO?

The hottest new phrase in both web design and SEO is responsive design. Responsive design, in simple terms, is a way to ensure that your website is easily viewable on a variety of devices of different sizes. This is achieved through stacking of elements. When you are considering the SEO of your website, there are some important reasons to consider responsive design.

Google Considers Responsive Web Design Best Industry Practice

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When talking about Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to know and follow what Google says is in. It has the largest market share of the search engines, so basically, what it says goes. Recently, Google has stated that responsive web design is the industry best practice. This means that if you have both a regular website and a mobile version, you may end up being ranked lower than someone who has a responsive design. Continue reading “How Does Responsive Web Design Affect SEO?”

Unclutter: The Importance of White Space

If you don’t have enough white space on your website, you are wasting your design. There are significant reasons for ensuring that you have white space. From leading the visitor’s eye to what you want them to see to helping the overall design look good, consider the following reasons you need to unclutter your site.

Emphasize Important Elements

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What is the most important thing on your landing page? Is it the text, the images, or something a little more specific? No matter what is most important, make sure that it is surrounded by white space. This will help emphasize that this is an important element. If you have an image that is extremely important, don’t make the image larger; instead, increase the white space around it to emphasize the importance. Continue reading “Unclutter: The Importance of White Space”

Do I Really Need Separate Landing Pages For Mobiles?

Did you know that cell phones are used more for data now than they are to actually make phone calls? Well over half of all cell phone users in the United States use their cell phones regularly to surf the Internet. Because of this, you need to make sure that your landing page can handle the smaller size of a cell phone screen. The best way to do this? Have a separate landing page.

Text Needs to be Readable

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Have you ever visited a website on your phone, only to realize that you can’t actually read what’s there? It’s irritating. Not only do you have to zoom into what you are trying to read, you then need to move the page all over the place, back and forth, to continue reading the page. It’s almost not worth the effort. As a website owner, you need to make sure that your landing page for mobile devices is easily readable on the smaller screens. Continue reading “Do I Really Need Separate Landing Pages For Mobiles?”

What Typography Tells People About Your Landing Page

You want your website to say something to the customer as soon as the page loads. There are many ways to do this – with color, composition, and images. However, one thing that many website owners forget is typography. When you really want your website to evoke a feeling, make sure you are using the correct typography.

Fun and Laid Back Fonts for Casual Sites
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Are you building a website where you are trying to show a fun, casual, laid back face? If so, it is important to show this with the typography. Make sure you use font faces that are considered less formal. When trying to show off a fun website, consider the following fonts:

Keep in mind that many ‘fun’ fonts are also considered cheesy. Additionally, they may be difficult to read if used in a large amount of text. It is a good idea to use them in moderation. Continue reading “What Typography Tells People About Your Landing Page”

How to Stop Vultures from Stealing Your Landing Pages

3 vultures of landing pagesCopywriting and landing page optimization are an investment. You put in the effort and the time, and you get a reward. People known as “vultures” try to steal this reward by copying your landing pages and copy. We know this is true because, hey, it happens to us!

Competitors have stolen our services page, our homepage, and we assume other pages as well. Had they read our blog, they would know that stealing a competitor’s landing page is insane. They’re probably not big on reading, though (one even forgot to change the phone number from our homepage. Need we say more?).

We’re always looking for the positive in life. Instead of publicly shaming these companies as vultures, we will consider their scavenging a form of flattery. Today, we turn their theft into our opportunity to show you how to prevent competitors from stealing your landing pages and what to do about it when it happens.

Scare the vultures away

People will grab your content for all types of reasons. Some will scrape your blog to help their site’s SEO. Others are just lazy. They would rather eat your leftovers than write and test their own landing pages.

Continue reading “How to Stop Vultures from Stealing Your Landing Pages”