POM has biggest marketing chutzpah on the planet! (Purple Cow)

POM Uses FTC Judge’s Quotes as Product Testimonials (Be a Purple Cow)

Wow! POM shows chutzpah

Not sure if you’ve seen the ads floating around the internet today for POM, but you need to. Here’s POM’s website. A great way to be a Purple Cow.

Basically the FTC has totally smacked POM hard for unsubstantiated product benefit claims in their advertising and marketing. So, in response to the FTC, they have taken out full page ads for POM using some quotes directly from the presiding administrative judge from the FTC:

“Competent and reliable scientific evidence supports the conclusion that the consumption of pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract supports prostate health, including by prolonging PSA doubling time in men with rising PSA after primary treatment for prostate cancer.”

– Judge Chappell, Chief Administrative Law Judge, FTC

In the Matter of POM Wonderful LLC, Initial Decision (5/17/2012), page 282

POM's ads with Judge's quotes

“Pomegranate juice is a natural fruit product with health promoting characteristics. The safety of pomegranate juice is not in doubt.”

– Judge Chappell, Chief Administrative Law Judge, FTC

In the Matter of POM Wonderful LLC, Initial Decision (5/17/2012), page 103

I must say, I am impressed. I always believe in doing everything you can to stand out in a crowd. And POM gets my personal award for standing out BIG TIME. I’m interested to see what the FTC does with this. It’ll be fun to watch on FTC’s blog. 😉


CRAZY New UK Cookie Law – Now in Effect

New UK Cookie Consent Law in Effect Today

Watchout!! They're coming...

(UPDATED: See end of post)

If you happen to have websites in the UK, be prepared to make some serious changes with the new UK Cookie Law that requires you receive a visitor’s explicit consent before you can place a tracking cookie.

How serious is it? Well, if £500,000 ($782,350 USD) doesn’t sound like much, you don’t have anything to worry about. The rest better pay attention.

A recent article from the BBC on the United Kingdom Cookie Law, states that “From Sunday (May 27, 2012), sites must obtain ‘informed consent’ from visitors before saving cookies on a machine.”

Here’s the real rub, the article also states that:

“The guidelines, set by the EU, mean visitors must be told what cookies are being placed on their machine. Typically, this will mean a pop-up window seeking consent.”

Are they really intending to force EVERY visitor to consent to cookies every time they come to a site? That’s crazy. (Maybe our popup optin best practices will come in handy for you Brits. 😉

So What Should You Do?

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