100X ROI with NEW BigCommerce Tool

A few years ago we started a little conversion optimization company called Conversion Voodoo. As we helped our clients grow, we grew up, too, landing a spot as one of the leading CRO companies in the business. It was our innovation in testing that helped our clients, and ourselves, rise to the top.

During our rise to the top we’ve created many tools to help explode the profits of our clients, but we’ve always kept our software under lock and key. Today, we’ve changed that. We’ve created an item promotion tool specifically for BigCommerce stores that we’ve proven to increase sales. (We’ll be adding other platforms in the future.)


100X ROI BigCommerce Tool?!?

Ok. 100X ROI. Really? I’ll explain.

Whenever we come up with a new CRO idea, we always, ALWAYS put it to the test. To do this we created a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our promotion tool and teamed up with a several BigCommerce stores who were willing to try it (and it paid off!). As of writing this post, the test stores have generated an average of $4,100 in profits each month during testing.

One of our testers even generated an additional $32,720 in a 30 day period of using our tool. The funny thing is that this client originally came to us for conversion rate optimization but we told them they were too small. Instead we convinced them to try this instead. Talk about an accidental MASSIVE success!

We would’ve been happy with $3,272 but somehow it exploded 10x more than our expectations!




We wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told us, but the stats weren’t lying.

We were blown away. Sure, we were used to getting results with our tests, but this was something we could put in the hands of store owners so they could increase their profits without our help.

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Creative Christmas Countdown to Catapult your Conversions by 10% – Code Included!

Over the past few years we have used one simple holiday tradition to help our clients increase their conversions. We decided that we would share this tradition with you by building a simple Christmas countdown timer that you can download and instantly implement on your site!

We often preach to our clients, as well as our readers, that creating a sense of urgency for your users can often increase conversions. An effective tool to achieve this sense of urgency around the holidays is a countdown timer until Christmas. Here’s a snappy widget that you can use to test on your traffic this holiday season.

The element:

Here’s the countdown:
[iframe src=”https://conversionvoodoo.com/Clients/blogposts/smalltimeralt/small_xmas_timer_alt.html” height=”90px” width=”280px”]

And here’s a larger version:
[iframe src=”https://conversionvoodoo.com/Clients/blogposts/largetimeralt/large_xmas_timer_alt.html” height=”220px”]

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9 Must-Have Elements for Landing Pages That Convert

If you have a landing page, you obviously want it to boost your conversion rate. Whether you’re giving away a free e-book or selling a product, the goal is to get the customer to the next step. There are some elements that your landing page needs to have to help with your conversion goals. Here are nine must-haves for landing pages that convert:

1. Unique Selling Proposition

Image via Worldsstrongestlibrarian.com

What about your product is going to excite your customers? Ask yourself, why should they buy from you? Your unique selling proposition, or USP, is the most important part of your landing page. What sets you apart from your competition? Make this the most prominent element of the landing page with an easily identifiable message. So, what exactly is in a valuable USP?

Consider a header that tells your customers what they’re getting. You want to quickly and efficiently let them know the selling point of your product. In many cases, the USP is also a company’s slogan. Continue reading “9 Must-Have Elements for Landing Pages That Convert”

It’s Your Own Fault Your Cart Was Abandoned

Let’s be honest – as a business owner you, are doing something wrong. Now, this isn’t something to cry about, but it is important to acknowledge and understand. You can’t convert potential sales to real money unless you know why people are leaving their carts without making a purchase. So, what are some things you are doing that are causing people to abandon their carts?

Offer Long-Term Saving


Image via Flickr by the_english_guy

Whether someone wants to compare prices, they don’t have the money today, or they just wanted to get an idea of your products, many people leave their carts because they simply don’t plan to buy today. However, if you give customers a long-term cart, they are more likely to come back to you and purchase. A username and password can ensure that a customer’s cart is ready any time they are.

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Simple JavaScript trick to boost Christmas conversions by 10% – Code Included!

Hot off the conversion press and just-in-time for Christmas.

Last year we posted about our Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays test we ran for one of our clients. This year we decided to create a Christmas timer that you could download and instantly implement on your site!

If you’ve followed our blog before, you know that creating a sense of urgency for your users to act usually increases conversions. Since we practice what we preach, we decided to run a headline on one of our client’s websites doing just that. We tested a headline that reminds them how near Christmas is. We came up with 2 variations of this headline: one that just states the days, and another that states the days, hours, minutes, and seconds and counts down in real time.

The test:

Here’s the countdown:
[iframe src=”https://conversionvoodoo.com/Clients/blogposts/smalltimer/small_xmas_timer.html” height=”80px”]

And here’s a larger version:
[iframe src=”https://conversionvoodoo.com/Clients/blogposts/largetimer/large_xmas_timer.html” height=”160px”]

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