5 CTA Mistakes that Kill Your Lead Generation Funnels

5 CTA Mistakes to Kill Your Lead Generation ProcessLead generation is your bread and butter, especially if you are a sales-driven company dependent on your qualified leads.

To be a powerhouse when it comes to lead generation, you have to have a strategy and stick to it. To grow your business through the lead generation process, you’ve got to avoid mistakes as they can be costly to your bottom line.

Today we’re going to discuss 5 CTA mistakes that kill your lead generation funnels. We’ll talk about them and then show you some ways to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Ambiguous Language

What is ambiguous language? Its language used in your call to action (CTA) that is open to more than one interpretation, may have a double meaning, or is completely unclear.

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Holiday Themed Landing Page Design Inspiration from Top Online Retailers

Holiday season is one of the most important times for retailers online and offline, so we wanted to look around their sites to see how they are doing things differently for the holiday season. We expect lots of sites to start including ample holiday themed elements, and elements like a shipping table so you know you will get your items shipped by Christmas time.  We’ll post more holiday themed landing pages as we find them. Have a rockin’ Holiday Season!!


  • Completely different background image/color for holidays season
  • Lots of winter related items on this page
  • Nice headline “The holiday gift guide”

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Cyber Monday awesome landing pages you can use for inspiration

We analyze some of the largest online retailers landing pages for one of the biggest online shopping days Cyber Monday.

Best Buy

  • Good looking headline with nice background design
  • A great way to lay out the different categories of the site with icons/text links
  • Large red callout with “hottest cyber week deals” and “show now” button


  • Keeps it extremely simple with a large headline text reading “shop cyber monday deals today!”
  • With the simple theme has links for all categories on the site
  • Good red blurb on top left showing ‘free shipping’


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Designers Love Using iPhones in Web Design, But They’re Wrong

As a designer, one thing I’ve noticed as a web-design trend lately is to feature Apple products in the design, primarily iPhones. While I understand that they are beautiful devices I don’t think they are as beneficial to a design as many may believe.

While I do believe that showing shots of your application or site being used is fantastic because being demonstrable is a great tactic for conversions, it’s that I don’t think an iPhone should be used in all cases.

For example, the site cookwiz.me shows an iPhone on the landing page, yet the application is only currently (at the time of this article) available for Android devices. In fact, based on this past quarters smartphone sales, Android has 72% market share for new mobile devices. Since Android has grown to be the most widely used smartphone OS I would guess that any given target market has a high chance of being primarily Android users.

With that said, here is a small collection of nicely designed sites featuring an iPhone, whether it be the best option or not.



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Obama beats Romney?!? (His PPC lead gen page does)

Election Day 2012 is here! Moderators have grilled the candidates on “important issues,” but they will dodge the most important topic of all: landing page optimization.

We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions. Following our analysis of the 2012 presidential candidates’ homepages, today we look at their strategies for PPC landing pages.

Barack Obama’s Landing Page Optimization

Let’s start with Obama’s PPC ad:

Although faintly reminiscent of a religious cult, the ad makes a good emotional connection with the text, “Barack is counting on you. Join us.” Once clicked, the ad brings visitors to an email opt-in page: Continue reading “Obama beats Romney?!? (His PPC lead gen page does)”