Get Inspired – Blow Your Mind Website Examples for Today!

Get Inspired - Blow Your Mind Website Examples

Are you in the market for a new website? Wondering what’s going on in the web design world?

In our feature article, we’re going to help you get inspired with some blow your mind website examples.

We picked these examples because not only are they attractive, interactive websites, but they are user-friendly and intuitive for their customers.


America First Credit Union

This not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution in Utah and Nevada won the Best Credit Union Website award from the 2016 Web Marketing Association’s WebAward competition.

Not only did they win because of their innovative design and content, but they were awarded for their site’s ease of use, interactivity, use of technology and understandable content.

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Pell Mell Agency

Pell Mell might mean something in a state of confusion, or something that’s recklessly hasty or disorganized, but you won’t find any of that on this award-winning website.

This site lands on our list because of its fantastic photography and its interactivity.

Simple, yet effective, the Pell Mell Agency website works to get their message across and drive business.

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This website’s goal is to highlight interesting people, and it does so in style with a bold and colorful design.

They utilize color and a grid-based web design to set off each person. Combined with big font sizes and quality images, the usability is terrific.

It’s easy to see where you’re going and where you came from due to the site’s organized grid and visual hierarchy.

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A best in class winner from CSS Design Awards, Acme, combines beautiful photographs, interactivity and even music for a pleasurable browsing experience.

While sound is often frowned upon, Acme incorporates it into their site with class.

Bold typography and a movie-like feel make this site uber interesting even though their business is storage solutions for a wide variety of industries.

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Killing Kennedy

Another website using sound to its advantage, this website is a glorious preview of the movie.

With beautiful era-appropriate piano music, moving images and gorgeous photographs all with a 1950s vibe, users to this site really get a feel for the movie.

National Geographic stands out with this website due to its use of parallax scrolling, video and intriguing historical facts.

It’s easy to get lost in this website while experiencing the dual nature of Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy’s lives.

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Save the Rainforest

We added this site to our list for its personal touches, and its incredible design.

Save the Rainforest invites website visitors into the rainforest. It introduces people to the creatures worth saving and makes it easy to donate right on the page.

With the vivid photography and interactivity, visitors to this website get to experience the rainforest in a deeply personal, almost live-action way.

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Bronx Arts

Parents looking to send their children to school will love the vivid, inside look this website provides.

It hides nothing and welcomes users into the inner sanctum of their child-filled hallways.

Using vivid, large, high-quality images, along with bold typography and plenty of white space, it gives off a healthy, inviting vide for this school.

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A simple, clean and modern design lands this site on our list.

It uses bright colors to bring the website visitor in while creating a desire to read more.

Often times, simple design and bright colors work nicely together for great design.

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A dynamic site, AlphaPod is a teaser for the AlphaPod app for kids. It helps them learn their ABCs with cool animated animals. These aren’t your run of the mill animals, though.

They are mechanical animals that are as fun to look at as they are to interact with. Plus, they’re exciting for kids and even interesting for adults.

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The House Hunters Journey

This house hunting website definitely stands on its own when it comes to real estate websites.

Its premise is that house hunting starts in your mind, and you aren’t limited by your imagination.

An interactive website, it takes you through many different levels on your house hunting search. It’s a fun site to peruse.

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Virgin America

Travel websites are notoriously slow and hard to navigate. Not this one.

Virgin America is a top notch airline website. Not only is the entire site mobile-friendly, its usability is amazing.

Site visitors can book a flight with ease and see at a glance the prices of flights on different days of the week. If only all travel sites were this easy!

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Wrangler Wild Way Home

This is a great eCommerce website. Simple and easy to use, the product and content pages are easy to navigate and full of just the right amount of information.

What’s more, when you click on their “Wild Way Home” tab, you’re taken to a page that invites you to explore your city and take the wild way home.

This website gives the website visitor a real reason to wear their clothing by inviting them into their “wild” city. People can see real people wearing real clothes while exploring their city and getting out more.

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Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve tantalized you with some blow your mind website examples, you might be wondering how to set your website apart from the competition. Here’s a list to get you started!

  • Responsive design – this means your site adapts to different browser sizes with ease. Your site should look equally good on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Content – provide relevant, interesting, shareable, original and compelling content.
  • An easy to use layout with intuitive navigation. Don’t use multiple layers of menus.
  • A fast website – load times should be under three seconds, or you’ll lose customers.
  • Simple, user friendly experience. Don’t make content hard to find.
  • Calls to action on as many pages as possible. You don’t want to risk losing your customers.
  • Strong site architecture including good onsite SEO and a sitemap.

Look for more blow your mind website examples next month!

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