Get Inspired – Blow Your Mind Website Examples Again!

It’s always fun to browse the web for ideas for your website and landing pages. Not only can you see what others are doing, but you can find some truly innovative websites.

In this article, we’re going to help you get inspired with blow your mind website examples!


Life of Pi

An epic website for an epic movie.

This mind-blowing site lets you navigate with just your scrollbar. No need to find the navigation because it’s right under your fingertips.

Have fun visiting this site.

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Audobon Society

This website lands on our list because of its usage of photography and its easy navigation.

It’s a simple website to navigate, plus, you’re immediately hit with relevant, informational content offerings in the home page slider.

Don’t miss this beautiful site.

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We like this website because it’s gorgeous, and the photography is outstanding.

The user experience is great because you are immediately met with a search bar to look for a property.

The site is authentic and approachable. Just great web design.

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The Eddy

This is an inviting site. We were instantly struck with the ambiance the site created and just how badly we wanted to enter the dimly lit restaurant.

The navigation is user friendly, and visitors can find just what they need easily.

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This is an example of a site that takes something that might seem complicated and makes it seem easy through the use of illustrations and cartoons.

The user experience is also top notch as their calls to action are easy to find and use.

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Looking for a trader? Or, do you want to be one?

This site brings the good old boys club to a new level. It’s full of approachable sophistication with a bit of mystery mixed in.

The interactive features on this website are outstanding and create a superb user experience.

You choose the type of trader and find out the skills, traits and principles applicable to it. The site’s goal is to help users become traders on the FOREX market by guiding visitors along distinct paths.

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The designers of the eCommerce website, Fay, did a great job at rebranding the company. With interactivity, glorious photos and a great user experience, we like this unique site.

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Swallows and Damsons

Why did we include this website on our list?

It lands here because of its lack of text and incredible use of imagery. Yet, even without lots of text, users know just what to do.

A floral arrangement business, Swallows and Damsons takes content to a whole new level. This site simply lets its flowers speak for themselves.

Who wouldn’t want to hire them after viewing vivid photo after vivid photo.

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Draw A Stickman

Such fun bundled into one mind blowing website.

Draw your own stickman, and he helps guide you on an adventurous trip. This is a unique way to spend some free time.

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Great War Archeology

This site lands on our list for a few reasons – it’s dynamic movement, interactivity, and its interesting appeal.

Check out it for yourself.

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In Pieces

This is an incredible technological, dynamic website.

In Pieces is brought to life using very intricate designs with a lot of CSS and JavaScript.

This website is an interactive exhibition that the designers turned into a study of 30 of the world’s most interesting and endangered species.

The point of the pieces? To show that their survival is literally lying in pieces.

The designers highlight the common struggle of each species because each of the same 30 pieces reform to show another species.

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The Next Web

This site lands on our list mostly because it gets more than seven million monthly visits! For technical people, this site is power-packed with landing pages on business and culture info and how it relates to technology.

It’s appeal? We bet it’s the focus on next generation gadgets and it’s info on the latest in games, software, web news and more.

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An interesting site because instead of multiple pages, Reebok chose a long one-page structure to provide a wealth of information.

A grunge style combined with the trendy, urban vibe works great with outstanding visual effects.

This is an easy site to navigate and bodes well for a terrific user experience. The whole vibe of the site can be found in one tagline, “25,915. The average human has 25,915 days. How are you going to honor yours?”

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Jason Pollock Website

We include this website because it’s just so cool. Kids and adults alike could spend hours drawing and hitting refresh.

Why? Well, see the photo? We created it.

If you are artistic, or just need something to do for a little while, visit this website. Try your hand at art just like Jackson Pollock. Splatter paint the hours away and create your own bit of Modernism.

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Now that we’ve looked at a few inspirational and very unique websites, let’s unearth some of the qualities and trends of a superb website.

The Great Website

  1. Responsive Design: While not new in 2016, this is an absolute must. It is our top requirement for a great website in 2016 and moving forward. Mobile responsivity is vital to the success of your site.
  2. Minimalism: This doesn’t mean getting rid of text and images. It means simpler designs with more white space. Flat design has found a place here as well. Flat designs use two-dimensional images, bright colors and open spaces.
  3. User experience design: Great websites are usable sites. Incorporate intuitive design, enhanced navigation and site speed to improve the user experience.
  4. Personalization: This is quickly becoming the norm in website design. Sites that use personalization adapt to the user.
  5. Great content: Yes, content is king. Provide this for your visitors, and they’ll be sure to come back again. Think blog articles, videos, white papers and customized landing pages.
  6. Video: Make sure you are leveraging the potential of video on your website. It’s a great way to attract and retain website visitors.

Final Thoughts

The Internet is an ever-changing, interactive and dynamic place. It’s up to you to harness its power on your website.

Stay abreast of the latest in design and technology for the best website.

Concentrate on the user experience and providing your site visitor with the information they want, and make sure it’s easy to find.

Ensure that your site is well-organized and edited while providing consistently new content.

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