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A few years ago we started a little conversion optimization company called Conversion Voodoo. As we helped our clients grow, we grew up, too, landing a spot as one of the leading CRO companies in the business. It was our innovation in testing that helped our clients, and ourselves, rise to the top.

During our rise to the top we’ve created many tools to help explode the profits of our clients, but we’ve always kept our software under lock and key. Today, we’ve changed that. We’ve created an item promotion tool specifically for BigCommerce stores that we’ve proven to increase sales. (We’ll be adding other platforms in the future.)


100X ROI BigCommerce Tool?!?

Ok. 100X ROI. Really? I’ll explain.

Whenever we come up with a new CRO idea, we always, ALWAYS put it to the test. To do this we created a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our promotion tool and teamed up with a several BigCommerce stores who were willing to try it (and it paid off!). As of writing this post, the test stores have generated an average of $4,100 in profits each month during testing.

One of our testers even generated an additional $32,720 in a 30 day period of using our tool. The funny thing is that this client originally came to us for conversion rate optimization but we told them they were too small. Instead we convinced them to try this instead. Talk about an accidental MASSIVE success!

We would’ve been happy with $3,272 but somehow it exploded 10x more than our expectations!




We wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told us, but the stats weren’t lying.

We were blown away. Sure, we were used to getting results with our tests, but this was something we could put in the hands of store owners so they could increase their profits without our help.

Some of our peers in the CRO business thought we were shooting ourselves in the foot by taking ourselves out of the equation, but we didn’t care.

Our clients were willing to pay over $300 a month ( for these “enterprise” clients, that’s about what our tool will be priced at), and even then their ROI was 100x in some cases! We were okay with that, we want our clients to make money. That’s what we’ve been doing for years.

We knew we were onto something here. It was time to kick it into a higher gear. Time to brainstorm.


See The Potential

We realized that a promotion tool could do so many things for an online store, so we started brainstorming more ideas. One think we’ve learned in the CRO business is that social proof is huge. So this is what we needed to tackle.

If any industry has social proof down to a science, it is online travel. We had the opportunity to use our tool to give smaller store owners the same features that some of the biggest hitters in travel are using.


We say these little pop ups on almost every travel site, and we could feel the urge to book immediately growing… and we weren’t even travelling anywhere! Something powerful was at work here mentally.

So we tried it ourselves.

We implemented a notification tool that tracked sales and displayed them on individual product pages. These things were a hit. We could literally watch the conversion rate grow. It was time to make this something that everyone could use.


We Built It

We spent the next few weeks working with BigCommerce themselves to create an install-able app for anyone that wanted to try it. It was a bit of a challenge creating a user-interface that stayed as simple as the idea was, but allowed total control out of our hands. Difficult, but I believe we’ve managed it.


Not bad, huh? It takes a grand total of 5 minutes to setup your site now. We’ll go pat ourselves on the back. 😉

It’s Your Turn

Today we are proud to announce the next round of our pre-public launch. We are looking for 10 BigCommerce stores of different sizes that would love to try the application themselves. We will even let you use the app FREE for the first month if you allow us to use your store as a case study in future posts (we love writing about how we helped our clients)!

If you have a BigCommerce store and would like to try it, email my assistant Katie at [email protected] and we will get you setup immediately. We’ve only got 10 spots open before our public launch!

P.S. We are working on rolling this out to other eCommerce platforms as we speak. If you would like yours next, comment below, as we haven’t made a decision yet.

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