6 Ways To Optimize Your Leads And Drive Your Business Online

6 Ways To Optimize Your Leads And Drive Your Business Online

Is it time to light a fire on your website? Are you looking to increase your online business and lead generation?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some advanced tips for lead conversion.

Optimizing your leads and driving your business online means targeting your website visitors and enticing them with an offer they can’t refuse.

This might be on a landing page or a blog post. You direct your visitors to a form on the page by engaging them with valuable content and showing them your products or services are the solution to their problem.

Lead generation is a business that involves constant testing and fine-tuning. To get you working on the right path, we’ve put together some advanced strategies for you.

Here are six ways to optimize your leads and drive your business online.

#1:  Look at What You’re Doing Now

It’s hard to move forward if you don’t know where you stand right now. How can you track your success if you don’t know what’s working now or where you need to revise your tactics?

You want to take a long hard look at your data because you need a benchmark to gauge your lead optimization efforts going forward.

Take a look at your landing pages. Review your calls to action. Revisit your A/B testing pages. Evaluate all of your lead generation sources so you can see what you need to focus on moving forward.

You want to pay the most attention to your conversion rates as this is the number you want to improve upon. This is where you’ll optimize to drive your business.

#2: Optimize the Lead Generation Process

When was the last time you ran a test of your lead process? If it’s been awhile, you’ll want to revisit this to make sure the flow still makes sense and is easy and intuitive.

Ask yourself if your messaging is clear. If the visitor got to your landing page for a specific topic, make sure that’s the page they landed on.

Everything in your lead generation flow should match and make sense as separate parts of the whole. Your ads, blog posts, headlines, copy, images – they should all match.

Next, you want to get comfortable with your Google Analytics. Dig into the conversion paths of your visitors. Which pages do they most frequently visit? What order do they visit them?

Analyzing this path can help you improve you lead generation flow. In addition, you can run some A/B tests on your landing pages to compare performance.

Test one item at a time. For example, test button color, page layout, images or copy. Then pick the one that works best.

#3:  Develop Trust

To really optimize your leads, you’ve got to build their trust.

By utilizing this advanced tip, you let your website visitors know that your website and your business are viable and trustworthy. Trust signs tell your visitors you are an expert in your field.

Let’s look at the trust symbols you can add to your landing pages.

  • Contact Information: Include phone number, address and map. Link to social networks. Do what you can to show you’re open and honest.
  • Brand logos: Use logos from your partners or companies you’ve worked with.
  • Testimonials or Customer Reviews: Social proof drives business. It makes your website visitors feel like they’re in good company. Up the ante and use video testimonials.
  • Trust logos: Think Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, Houzz, professional organizations or other local and national organizations that let people know you’re a good company.
  • Your warranty.

Don’t skimp on your website’s about us page. Include photos of your staff and your business. Portray a very approachable image.

#4: Speak to Your Customer

Use your “you” words.

Stay away from talking about your own business from the “we” position.

Tell your customers what they’ll gain by saying, “You receive top-notch care,” not “We’ll provide top-notch care.”

Your landing page is a personal meeting with your company. Craft your copy so that it is customer-centric. This isn’t about you, it’s about them.

Use language and images that your target audience identifies with. Relate to them personally.

#5: Improve Your Forms

You have a better shot at optimizing your leads and driving your business online if your forms are just right.

Ask too much, and they won’t get filled out. Get too personal or too long, and the forms won’t get filled out either.

Only ask for what you absolutely need. If you want additional info, don’t make the fields mandatory.

#6: Optimize Your Thank You Page

Lastly, don’t forget to take a look at the all-important thank you page. Believe it or not, people really do read your thank you page, especially if they’re looking for a promo code or download.

Your thank you page is the final step in the process where you can encourage yet one more action. It pays to optimize this page to drive more business.

To optimize your thank you page to drive your business online, follow these tips:

  • In the beginning, express your gratitude. This lets your website visitor know you got their form, and it humanizes your business.
  • Keep the thank you page with the same navigation as your normal website. This way, your customers can continue to view your website.
  • Provide instructions or a link to your download or special offer.
  • Add social share buttons and encourage them to share the special offer to others.
  • Recommend additional content on your website such as blog articles, videos and more.

Once you’ve optimized your thank you page, don’t forget to work on your lead nurturing process. Make sure your leads are automatically added to a lead nurturing email workflow.

This way you can continue to meet your customer’s needs while driving them back to your website over and over again.

To Conclude

Optimizing your website for lead generation isn’t as simple as throwing a call-to-action button on your home page or other landing page. It’s not going to generate the leads you’re after.

In this article, we looked at six ways to optimize your leads and drive your business online. Utilize these strategic approaches to enhance your website and generate more leads.

These are proven strategies, and ones you’ll find will give a boost to your lead generation capabilities.

Are you ready to squeeze more profit out of your website by optimizing your leads and your lead generation process to drive your business online? That’s terrific! We’re here to help you optimize your website so it works fluidly for your website visitors. In fact, we promise you we’ll do just that.

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