3 Ideas For Landing Pages That Turn Email Series Subscribers Into Customers

5 Ideas For Landing Pages That Turn Email Series Subscribers Into Customers

They signed up for your email list. You’ve sent them a series of emails. Now what?

In this article, we look at three ideas for landing pages that turn email series subscribers into customers.

You might be asking yourself, “What do my landing pages have to do with my automated email series subscribers, and turning them into customers?”

Well, you can leverage your landing pages through links in your email automation to give subscribers a reason to purchase. Here’s how.

#1: The Welcome Sequence

One of the most common types of automated email series is the welcome sequence of emails. These are the first messages you send your customer with the goal of encouraging the sale.

In the welcome email series, you might include any of the following:

  • A simple welcome to our “family” email with no pressure.
  • Another email with a link to a landing page where they can find an exclusive download.
  • A third email that sends them to yet another landing page with a coupon for their first purchase.
  • A fourth email option is a link to one or more of your blog posts that you think your new subscriber will find interesting.

The welcome sequence is your first shot at wooing your customers, catching their interest, encouraging their ongoing engagement and ultimately the purchase.

Let’s look at a possible example of how your email series might send new subscribers to landing pages. Let’s say you, our example company, sells web design services. Your goal is to get people to purchase your services even though they might think they can do it on their own.

Email number one is a welcome email, and that’s it. Email number two gets sent two days after the first email sign up and includes a link to a landing page with several how-to-videos on search engine optimization.

You have email number three set up to go out four days after the initial sign-up, and it includes a link to a landing page with a few tutorials on how to add video to a new website.

Then, on day five, your email sends users to a landing page with a video on optimizing images. On day six, subscribers get sent to a landing page with information on how to protect their websites from hackers.

Finally, on day seven, your new email subscribers get a link to a landing page with a surprise. This page contains a one-time coupon code for an amount off their new website design if they purchase that day.

Because you very gently earned your email subscriber’s trust with links to landing pages with incredibly helpful information, you paved the way for the purchase.

Now that your email subscribers trust you and value your work, they are more apt to purchase your services.

#2: The Webinar Sequence

For this example, let’s say you offer tax preparation services. A user signs up for your email list because you’ve offered a free webinar on tax advice for sole proprietors.

You set them up in a series of automated emails we’ll call the webinar sequence. These are set up to create a sales funnel out of your email subscribers.

Your sequence might look like this:

  • The business person signs up for your webinar.
  • Email number one includes all the information they need to log on to your webinar.
  • You send email number two right before the webinar with a link to the landing page to log on.
  • Right after the webinar, you send an email out that includes a link so they can watch it again at their leisure.
  • A few days later, you send out email number four with a link to a landing page with an educational video with more tax tips.
  • Now, you want them to sign up for your tax services. You send out email number five with a link to a landing page to sign up for your tax services. You might even include a promotional offer on this landing page.

#3: The Lock-Em In Sequence

This automated series is set up to lock your customer in and make them a customer for life.

Once a customer has joined your email list and made their first purchase, your work doesn’t end there. Now, you’ve got to keep them as a customer.

This sequence is to encourage subscribers/customers to go from first purchase to second purchase, and this is a milestone in the world of landing page conversions.

Use your analytics to determine the average customer time lapse between first and second purchases. Look at how many people don’t go on to make another purchase.

Armed with this information, your goal is to shorten the time between first and second purchase or to ensure the repeat purchase.

After your customer makes his first purchase, your email series should start with an email thanking him for the purchase, and it should include a link to a landing page where he can review the product.

Not only do you keep the customer engaged, but you get him right back on your website. On your landing page, after he has left the review or rated the product, offer him several other products he might be interested in.

Your second email in this series might include a how-to video or instructions on how to use the product.

For example, let’s say your customer purchased a blazer. You might send an email with instructions on how to accessorize, while you offer several options like scarves, jewelry, shoes, skirt or pants with click-thrus to landing pages where she could purchase the additional items.

If you sold something like a camera, you might offer how-to videos on how to use the camera. On the landing page you send them to through your automated email, you could offer camera-related accessories to complement their purchase.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve talked about your automated email series and how you can turn those subscribers into customers, let’s look at a few statistics.

The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) reported that many markets who segmented their email list and sent target emails, saw an increase of 760% in revenue from these segmented campaigns.

Another study shows that consumers are fed up with content that doesn’t seem to apply to them.

Why do we tell you this?

We want to drive home the purpose and value in email segmentation. Let your email subscribers tell you what they are interested in. Segment them by the pages they visit on your website, the date they sign up, or the purchases they make.

Segmented emails get more opens, clicks and sales because they are more relevant to your subscribers.

Once you’ve segmented your lists, it’s time to create a plan for your email series. Don’t bombard your subscribers.

Take the gentle approach to carefully lead them to your landing pages and nurture them through the first step on their path to converting from subscriber to customer.

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