7 Things You Can Do To Become Awesome At Lead Generation

7 Things You Can Do To Become Awesome At Lead Generation

The digital landscape is immense, and the competition is fierce, so marketing your business through your website is vital to your success. When you concentrate on lead generation through your website, you’ll have more success growing your business.

In today’s article, we look at 7 things you can do to become awesome at lead generation. We’ll highlight some best practices and give you suggestions for moving forward with lead generation.

According to Marketing Charts, 94% of B2B buyers conduct some type of research online before making a purchase. With this many people doing their research online, it is immediately apparent why you need to become a pro at lead generation.

You want to capture those leads right on your landing pages to increase your conversion rate and ultimately your sales.

Why are leads so important? Well, because nothing happens inside your business without leads. You need actual, live people to make your business grow.

Let’s uncover 7 things you can do to become awesome at lead generation.

1. Give Every Page a Purpose

To increase your lead generation, you want each one of your landing pages to have a purpose. Consider the information architecture of your pages.

For every page, ask yourself what you want people to do on the page. Think about the end result. Do you want them to sign up for your email list, download a whitepaper, make a phone call or sign up for your services?

As you generate your landing pages – from contact to about to individual blog posts – plan the purpose of each page and create your headline, lead generation form and call to action accordingly.

In addition to the purpose of each page, you want to pay special attention to the page’s content. Contemplate the audience for each one of your landing pages as well as the purpose of the page. In the most succinct way possible, after the bold headline, include a brief description of your landing page’s value proposition.

Align this with your call to action, and you’ll be on your way to becoming awesome at lead generation.

2. Build Trust

Building trust is one of the most important, yet often forgotten components to lead generation.

A good way to build trust is to add a contact phone number to each of your landing pages. There’s nothing more frustrating to a website visitor who wants to talk to a real person than not being able to find your phone number.

Additionally, even if they never need to contact you, it’s reassuring to them to know they can. Just the fact that you thought enough to add the phone number engenders their trust and loyalty and gives them reassurance that it’s okay to fill out your lead generation form.

3. Make Lead Generation Easy

If you want someone to sign up using your lead generation form, you’ve got to make it easy to find.

Important tip: put a lead generation form on every single page.

Give your website visitor easy, immediate access to your forms, and they’ll be more likely to sign up and take your desired call to action.

Now that you’ve put a form on each page, be sure to only ask for the minimum amount of information. Your leads are more likely to sign up if they don’t have to hand over a lot of personal information right from the start.

Use cues to “guide” website visitors to youir form while using a strong call to action.

4. Use Testimonials from Real People

Testimonials are great. They’re even better when they are accompanied by a photo of the person. This makes the testimonial more valid to your website visitors. It also generates trust and loyalty.

If you want to go one step further, you can add video testimonials. The power of video is unsurpassed. Harness it with the power of the testimonial to become awesome at lead generation.

5. Be Original

Put yourself in your website visitors’ footsteps. Think about all the times you landed on a website that looked just like the last site you visited. Not very intriguing, is it?

Be creative when designing your website. Stay away from cookie-cutter templates. Be original in the design, logo and color scheme. Write your own compelling headlines and calls to action.

Superior lead generation comes from well-though out, creative websites.

6. Send a Thank You Email

Once you’ve earned the lead because they took your call to action and signed up, don’t forget to send them to a thank you page.

This is a good place to continue with the trust-building process. Thank them for signing up and provide them with the information you promised.

In addition, take this opportunity to offer the “upsell.” You can offer them something else that you think might interest them or encourage them to visit your social media pages.

7. Test, Test, Test

The best way to become awesome at lead generation is to test your landing pages. This allows you to learn about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to your website’s lead generation.

Once you start testing, you can tweak landing pages for the best conversion rates. Use A/B testing to test forms, calls to action, headlines, colors and more.

Then, use this information to upgrade your landing pages and become awesome at lead generation.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line when generating leads is to capture emails of potential customers and clients. Forbes tells us that email marketing is the most effective type of digital marketing.

Yet, to get the best results from your email marketing, you have to have leads. Now that we’ve discussed 7 things you can do to become awesome at lead generation, you are ready to get started.

Take a look at how you’ll use those leads to build your business:

  1. Capture leads through your email forms.
  2. Build and nurture relationships with your email subscribers.
  3. Giving them something of value. Repeat.
  4. Offer great products and services.

Use the tips we’ve discussed today, and you’ll not only boost your lead generation capabilities, but you’ll increase conversions.

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