Effective Ways To Use Client Testimonials To Optimize Your Landing Page

Effective Ways To Use Client Testimonials To Optimize Your Landing Page

Have you ever wondered if testimonials work? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Why do you need client testimonials on your website? It’s simple, really. We’re going to cover some of the basics to get you started right away. You need to use customer reviews to increase your conversions. By using them, you eliminate any doubts your customers may have and in turn help them with their purchasing decision.

In one study, 87% of consumers said that after reading a favorable online review, they went on to purchase. Conversely, this same study showed four out of five consumers changed their mind about a purchase after reading a negative online review.

This gives much validation to online reviews. So, we reach our topic today. We are discussing effective ways to use client testimonials to optimize your landing page conversions.

Leverage Social Proof

This concept is easy enough to understand when you think back to your teenage days. You probably wanted that special pair of jeans because everyone else did. Or, perhaps you permed your hair, again, because everyone else was doing it.

Social proof is much the same thing. And, today it’s called “the new marketing.” It’s doing what the Jones’ do, but on a larger scale.

Social proof is one of the effective ways to use client testimonials to optimize your landing page conversions.

For example, if Ted and Joan bought and reviewd your product, their review creates a positive influence on your other website visitors. They are creating informational social influence. Your new customer thinks, “If Ted and Joan like it, I will most likely like it.”

Wikipedia defines social proof as the following: “A psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for a given situation… driven by the assumption that the surrounding people possess more information about the situation.”

When you place client testimonials on your landing pages, you create social proof, thus encouraging new customers to convert.

Pepper Your Pages with Testimonials

It used to be that business owners created one page and placed all of their testimonials there. While this is fine for your website as a whole, how does this help your landing pages convert? Well, it doesn’t.

This is why you need to place client testimonials throughout your website and on all of your landing pages.

Client testimonials work well when they are placed at decision points on your website, and this is often on your landing pages. You’ll find that signups and purchase decisions increase when reviews are placed on landing pages. This is especially true when the review supports a specific product.

Infusion Soft believes so highly in the power of customer testimonials, they placed them right on their home page.

Include Video Testimonials

Video marketing is the wave of the future, and you can take advantage of the opportunities that arise when you use video testimonials.

These often provide a testimonial that seems more legitimate because the testimonial is visual with sound. You can hire someone to shoot the video, or take it yourself. Leverage the power of video because it appears more authentic.

When shooting testimonials, be sure and write a script of questions so you are a prepared interviewer.

Choosing the Testimonial

Choosing the right testimonial is tricky. Whether it’s a written review accompanied by a photo, or a video testimonial, there are a few key ingredients to the perfect testimonial.

Let’s consider the overall glowing testimonial that goes something like this: “I love this product. It’s perfect. I am so happy that I made the purchase and think everyone will like it, too.”

While this is nice, and your customer is happy, it doesn’t tell your website visitor anything specific. Your new customer has no idea how the product works or what the reviewer likes. In fact, it could be about a completely different product.

Now, let’s look at a benefits-driven testimonial. This one is effective and spot-on when it comes to details: “These boot cut jeans fit perfectly. I’ve worn them three times, and they keep their fit and don’t sag like so many other jeans. They wash well – no fading or shrinking. I am coming back to purchase the black and white ones, too.

This testimonial works because it lets your new customer know details about fit, stretching, fading and shrinkage.

Here are a few tips for including the right client testimonials to optimize your landing page conversions.

  • Testimonials should describe the product’s benefits.
  • An effective testimonial backs up your claims about your product. If you say your product can help people lose five pounds in three weeks, include a testimonial that backs that up.
  • Include testimonials from people your site visitors can relate to. Don’t show a photo of a tiny woman saying she lost five pounds in three weeks. Include a customer that your site visitors can identify with.
  • Be credible. Don’t ever fake your testimonials. Try to include ones that you’ve received permission to use their name and home-town. This adds credibility. We also recommend including a photo wherever possible. This doubles the effectiveness of social proof.
  • Use testimonials that compare products. For example, if you’re shooting a video testimonial of your jean’s customer, ask her why she likes your jeans compared to Company X’s jeans.

Final Thoughts

Your landing page gives you the optimal opportunity to create trust with current and potential customers. They are encouraged to trust your brand after reading your testimonials – good and bad. They look for recommendations on products and learn more in the process.

Client testimonials on your landing pages gives you credibility. Use them to reinforce what you are already saying about your products. Be sure to include a few so-so testimonials as well because that again gives more integrity to your brand, since it’s next to impossible to be perfect every time.

Include your best testimonials on your home page and your landing pages. Use them everywhere you can, and make sure they match the content on the page. Include links to your testimonials pages so people can read more.

Now that we’ve talked about effective ways to use client testimonials to optimize your landing page conversions, and you know the benefits of social proof, it’s time to get started.

Are you ready to squeeze more profit out of your website by adding client testimonials to your landing pages? If you are ready to optimize your landing page conversions, we can promise you we’ll do just that. With our guarantee, you can rest assured we will increase your profits.

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One thought on “Effective Ways To Use Client Testimonials To Optimize Your Landing Page

  1. Are testimonials from random people really even worth using? They’re so easy to fake that I just struggle to believe that people even believe any of them are real.

    “here’s a headshot of some guy and he just LOVES our service!”

    Well of course he does.

    even video testimonials can be faked, on the super cheap too thanks to sites like Fiverr.

    I guess maybe I’m just projecting my lack of belief of testimonials on to everyone else, though. Maybe most people just assume they’re real.

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