7 Content Marketing Campaign Ideas That Will Generate More Leads

7 Content Marketing Campaign Ideas That Will Generate More LeadsBefore we dive into our seven content marketing campaign ideas that will generate more leads for your business, let’s first talk about the basics of content marketing.

A thorough understanding of the meaning of content marketing is essential before we dive into content marketing campaigns and strategy behind them.

The Definition of Content Marketing

As traditional marketing has fallen by the wayside, it’s left room for content marketing to be a big driver for consumer spending and interaction.

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of media, and the publishing of content to acquire and retain customers.

The purpose of content marketing is to publish content that is valuable, relevant and consistent. Marketing in the 21st century is more about meeting your customers’ needs than showering them with advertisements. The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain customers.

When we talk about content marketing, it means creating and curating content. Your ultimate goal? Converting leads into paying customers.

To be a successful content marketer, you’ve got to communicate well without “selling.” Gone are the days of the outright sales pitch. You’re trying to subtly convince customers to take advantage of your product or services by giving them information that is valuable.

If you do content marketing right, you’ll have loyal customers for the long haul. Let’s get started. Here are seven content marketing campaign ideas that will generate more leads:

Idea #1: Create Video

The Guardian says video is the future of content marketing. Cisco says that by 2019, “consumer Internet video traffic will be 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, up from 64% in 2014.”

With those astounding numbers, it’s time to write some video production into your next content marketing campaign. Here are some tips for using video to its full potential:

  • Know your audience and make sure your video is relevant.
  • Include a direct call to action. Before you create your script, you must know what your ultimate goal is. Use only one call to action so you can track the results of your video campaign.
  • Use emotion to draw in your visitors with your sound and visuals. Laughter is a great motivator as is a story that pulls at the heart strings.
  • Have a clear goal for your video campaign and track it. You can only track it if you’ve set a call to action that is trackable. For example, at the end of the video offer a sign up form and something they can download in return for giving you their contact info.
  • Create a landing page for your video. This is another way to track and optimize your conversion rate. Drive people to this page through your social media and email marketing.

Idea #2: Create an e-Book

What are e-Books? You might know them as white papers, but e-Books are more visually appealing and interesting. Where white papers are traditionally more academic, the e-Book may be funny and reader-friendly.

E-Books help you create a relationship with your current or potential customers. When you write your e-Book, remember you are writing to provide valuable, relevant information. If it doesn’t sound interesting or compelling to your viewers, they won’t download it.

Make your e-Book easy to read and attractive to look at. Don’t give it away for free. You should get their contact information in exchange for the book.

Idea #3: Use Email Newsletters

Email marketing crushes social media, or so says Kissmetrics. They say this because email allows you to place content right in the consumers in-box. Even if they don’t look at it right away, there it sits, in their personal space.

Using email newsletters in your content marketing helps you drive traffic to your website landing pages. Start the valuable content in the email and continue it on your website.

Nurture your email list. Provide them with not only the products and discounts they’re looking for, but provide them interesting, valuable content. For example, if you’re a travel agency, share content and photos from your vacation. Or, give tips for people traveling the Italian countryside. This engenders their trust and loyalty.

Idea #4: Conduct Webinars

Adobe says webinars rank in the top three when it comes to content marketing strategies. Why? Webinars are the total experience for your customers, current or potential. It combines the best that video has to offer with the interactivity of personal contact and communication.

What’s more – webinars allow you to get customers on your email list and in your sales funnel. Plus, they are cheaper than putting on a live event or a video.

Idea #5: Be Social

We can’t talk about content marketing without including social media. So, here are a few tips for your content marketing campaign ideas on social media:

  • Share content more than once. For example, share your blog post on Facebook several times – try different days and different times to catch more viewers.
  • Use A/B Testing. Try out different headlines on social media at relatively the same time of day. See which one performs better and then re-use it a few days later.
  • Post for your audience. The same content may need to be re-worked when shared on Facebook and then LinkedIn. Always write for your viewer.
  • Make a plan and use your blog or website as your content hub and source.

Idea #6: Be Transparent and Informative

The second most important page on you website is your about us page. It’s a great place for your content marketing and certainly a terrific way to generate more leads and increase your conversion rate.

Through the content you provide on your about us page, you can lure readers to other landing pages or to take a direct action such as signing up for your email list.

Don’t neglect the about us page as part of your content marketing strategy.

Idea #7: Blog Consistently

Blogging is probably the first thing you think of when we mention content marketing. Like all marketing campaign ideas, it pays to have a plan when it comes to blogging.

When you create great content on your blog and share it online, you establish authority and attract new customers.

Since you’re invested in content marketing to drive actions, make sure to include actionable content on your blog. For example, if your business is a restaurant, include a sign-up on your blog for your visitors that offers them a free weekly recipe.

You’ve offered valuable content in exchange for an action – their email. You know have a new lead.

To Conclude

We suggest incorporating your content marketing campaign ideas into your overall marketing strategy. No matter what marketing tools and tactics you are using, don’t think of content marketing as something detached from the rest of your marketing.

Incorporate your relevant, informative content into all forms of your marketing. Excellent marketing is only possible through superb content.

Whether your business is small or large, content marketing will generate more leads for you if you stick with it. Make a content marketing plan, incorporate it with your overall strategies, and then work the plan. Above all else, stay the course. Content marketing success occurs over time, so be patient throughout the long-term.

Interested in diving into the world of content marketing campaigns to generate more leads? We can help you find ways to drive more visitors to your landing pages and improve your overall conversion rate. Contact us today. We’ll provide you with our FREE site performance analysis to help you decipher how you can use these seven email marketing tips for conversion rate optimization.

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