How eCommerce Companies Can Do Surveys And Questionnaires Onsite

How eCommerce Companies Can Do Surveys And Questionnaires Onsite

How do you know if your website is meeting your customer’s needs? Ever wondered if they’d like to see certain kinds of products featured on your eCommerce site? How about your customer service – do people like it?

These questions and many more can be answered right on your website by your website visitors and customers.

Offer surveys and questionnaires to get useful information about your eCommerce site and its products.

Surveys and questionnaires can increase your customers’ loyalty because they feel like they are part of the process. By asking their opinion, they have buy-in because they’re either helping you solve a problem or tooting your horn.

The best way to understand what your website visitors are feeling is to survey them.

According to Survey Monkey, every month more than 30 million people complete their surveys. With at least that many people online completing surveys, it’s time you took advantage of this great fact-finder.

Let’s talk about how your eCommerce company can do surveys and questionnaires onsite.

Survey Monkey

With this powerful application, you can use their services for free or upgrade to pro. Not only can you link surveys to your website, but you can link to them through your social media outlets and email marketing.

You can tailor your survey to look and feel like a part of your website. When your survey matches your brand marketing and overall identity, you’ll be more likely to engage your survey takers.

Use your logo, your colors and other elements to provide a seamless experience for survey takers from your site to survey and back again. This helps boost your response rates as well.

Here are just a few of the ways Survey Monkey lets you customize your survey:

  • Match your survey color scheme to your website.
  • Include images, including your company logo.
  • Include your company name in the survey URL so respondents know it is an official questionnaire.
  • Serve up a custom thank you page once the survey is complete or send respondents back to your site.
  • Customize your survey URL so that it’s easy for your survey takers to remember.

You’ll have access to robust analytics so you can make data-driven decisions for your eCommerce site. Your responses come to you in real time, and you can easily create reports.

Question Pro

Like Survey Monkey, you can create online surveys and questionnaires with this software tool. You can create your own survey or use one of their templates.

The survey can be embedded on your eCommerce website, you can set up a pop box or an exit survey. Additionally, it can be shared through social media and email.

Your results are easy to analyze with a real-time summary, tables, segmentation tools, trend analysis and more. All results are exportable and easy to share.

The great thing about Question Pro is that their Popup Surveys are Popup Blocker safe. They provide you with Javascript code so you can set it up on your eCommerce site and watch the responses roll in.

They offer page overlay surveys as well as popups in a new window. You also have animation options and exit survey options. Don’t want to overly bug your visitors? Set the survey to pop up once per visitor.

Survey Gizmo

Fun and easy to use, you’ll love the simplicity of setting up surveys with Survey Gizmo.

Their ready-to-use themes are customizable with your logo, brand style, URL, fonts and images. You can embed their surveys on your website, and as with the aforementioned survey products, send it out through email and social media.

Their WYSIWYG designer is easy-to-use, and you’ll enjoy their easy to view analysis and reporting.

Type Form

Another easy to use interface that is also attractive, Type Form’s free plan has a lot to offer including:

  • Unlimited questions and answers
  • Data export
  • Custom designs or templates
  • Basic exporting

A neat trick: you can pipe respondent answers in to the text of your survey. What’s that mean? It means that if your user gives his name, you can call him by his name in the next survey question.

Their paid version includes the ability to add payments fields and a calculator. You can also send follow-up emails to survey respondents.

They’ll give you code and a link to embed the form on your eCommerce site.


Brands such as Monster, Cox and Mercedes Benz use iPerceptions to tailor their customers’ experiences and boost conversion rates.

They use something called the 4Q Framework to evaluate your site visitor’s experience and measure their satisfaction so you can implement website improvements.

4Q is a framework that collects feedback from your website visitors to measure the customer experience and understand visitor intent. It includes 4 questions that help answer:

  • Who is here?
  • Why are they here?
  • How am I doing?
  • What do I need to fix?

Implemented on your site with JavaScript, you don’t have to mess around with code. Their 4Q data works with your site’s Google Analytics so you can get a true picture of your website visitors.

iPerception’s is an in-depth survey and questionnaire tool that is certain to shed light on your site’s customers and help you personalize your offerings.

To Conclude

Online surveys and questionnaires give your customers a safe place to share their responses, opinions and ideas. The Internet provides the anonymity they require to be truthful and speak freely.

To get the most out of your survey, follow these simple steps:

  • Define your goal.
  • Research the tool you’ll use for the survey.
  • Write your questions.
  • Test your survey.
  • Deploy your survey.
  • Measure your results.

People appreciate being asked their opinion. It builds their confidence in your eCommerce company.

Consider rewarding people for their participation. You can offer a coupon or entry into a drawing or extra loyalty points. Be creative.

Looking for help coming up with your online survey and placing it on your website? We’re here to help you increase your conversion rate with onsite surveys and questionnaires. What’s more, we guarantee your results. Contact us today to increase your website’s conversion rate!

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