4 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out

Your email marketing materials must stand out – not just in a user’s inbox, but once the email is opened too. In the past, email marketing campaigns that encouraged click-throughs typically did so by inspiring users. Read on to find out four ways that you can ensure your email marketing stands out from a crowded inbox and gets the message across.

Give It Personal Appeal

Nothing is more compelling than an email in which the President of the United States calls you by name. President Obama’s Change email campaign understood this exact approach. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be our nation’s leader to take advantage of it.

Email macros make it easy to include a personalized touch, but how you use a person’s name is just as important. The best emails feel personal.  And they are. So, address the customer, but also reach out like an old friend.

Curate Awesome Products

Image via Etsy.com

If you sell products on your website, whether through user-generated content or your own inventory, consider curation by following the Etsy method. Your eCommerce software likely uses algorithms to provide a great user experience directly on your company’s website, and the same should be true for your email marketing campaign.

Curate and send product suggestions based on items the user has recently viewed. Doing so time and again lets the user know you’re invested in the experience. He or she is more likely to see your emails as valuable content rather than a straight-forward marketing campaign. In addition to curating products, include content too – but not just items from your blog. Include relevant third-party resources, too. It’s more likely to position you as an industry expert.

Know When to Nudge

Image via Upworthy.com

The headline of Upworthy’s nudge campaign is simple: “Hey, it’s been a while…” But it’s the content inside that counts. First, Upworthy employs a friendly, conversational headline to hook users. Next, the email lets users know that you’ve missed their engagement. Finally, it offers users a voice. It’s a small but revolutionary idea. Ask users what’s wrong with your email campaign’s content to understand why they may not convert.

Tracking email open rates is key to getting the feedback you need from the right users. Leverage analytics for opportunities. If a user isn’t engaging, perhaps your content is too stuffy. Try a casual subject line and invite him or her to react.

Provide a Path to Engagement

It’s not enough to only nudge or ask for feedback. A standout email marketing campaign should provide a clear path for engagement. Consider LinkedIn’s strategy. Each time a connection updates his or her profile with a job promotion or another milestone event, LinkedIn not only notifies users via email, but it provides an actionable way (re: button) to click-through and network via its social media platform.

Don’t wait until your users are already inactive. Intermix your email blasts with notifications that promote user engagement.

What strategies do you employ to keep potential customers interested in your email marketing campaign? What tactics have failed you in the past?

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By Jon Correll

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