How to Transform Your “About Us” Page Into a Sales Opportunity

Your “About Us” landing page isn’t just an opportunity to introduce your business to potential clients – it’s a place to ask for the sale and so much more. Think of your “About Us” page as tool in your ROI arsenal.

If your “About Us” page contains basic information – or worse, is blank – then read on to learn how to transform your “About Us” page into a sales opportunity.

Creating an “About Us” Page
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A surprising number of companies don’t have a true “About Us” page. And no, a “Mission Statement” or “Company History” page doesn’t count. Creating a real “About Us” page is the first step to transforming your landing page into a sales opportunity. Search engines typically crawl for “About Us” pages and display them as part of your web results beneath your homepage. Potential customers use it as a direct link to learn more about not only your culture, but your services.

Lack of an “About Us” page can be a deterrent for those who are likely already shopping around for similar services. If your company can’t send a concise message about your offerings via a branded landing page, then what’s to stop your potential customer from finding the answer in another company that does just that?

Include Relevant Images
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The images you include should be visually stimulating, and engage visitors on a human level. Brand loyalty, and therefore sales, come mainly from attribution or identity. Include friendly images featuring scenes of the inside of your company’s headquarters or a group photo of company employees.

What to Leave Out: Visualizations are an important aspect of “About Us” content, but you shouldn’t rely on them totally. Additionally, you’ll want to leave out catchy or trendy designs, such as infographics, that don’t speak directly to the consumer. Save that content for blog posts and newsletters. The goal is to create a connection, not a hard pitch via firm data.

Make it a Learning Opportunity
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An “About Us” page is an education opportunity for potential customers. It’s your chance to tell consumers more about how and why your company is so successful. Tell visitors what problems your company solves, and how it rises to the challenge better than competitors.

What to Leave Out: Preachy or condescending language. An “About Us” page should provide answers, not attitude. To add to that, avoid using overly complicated industry jargon. Say it in the plainest terms. For example, if your company offers copywriting services, potential customers may be unfamiliar with that term. Better phrasing might be “business writing services” or “blog writing services.” It may not sound as flashy, but it does suitably education users.

Show Value with a Simple Statement or Tagline
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The message of your “About Us” page should be scannable. Bullet points or tables make for great, easy-to-read content, but more than anything, a tagline is essential. A tagline is not only great for optimization, it’s the quickest way to get your message across and hook consumers. If you can’t define your company with one, simple sentence, then how can you expect visitors to understand what you’re about?

What to Leave Out: Meaningless buzzwords. Sure, it’s important to include a few, solid keywords within the body content, but your tagline should be strong – and, more importantly, unique. If the one-liner is clogged up with catchphrases then you’re likely not saying anything the visitor hasn’t already heard.

Consider Testimonials
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Testimonials tell a story about your company that you can’t. A testimonial is a message from past customers to your current prospects. These endorsements also explain why others made the purchase and found value in your product. This helps make a sale because it inspires a sense of trust, which is an important aspect of any business relationship. If you do include testimonials, they should be in addition to copy that specifically outlines your company’s mission and services.

What to Leave Out: Simulated testimonials. Potential clients can almost always smell the stench of the syrupy words written by your marketing and PR department. The same goes for the all-to-perfect headshot of “Jane” from Somewhere, North Dakota.  If you haven’t yet built a reputation, this is the one way that you don’t want to fake it until you make it.

Introduce the People Behind the Product
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A company is constantly evolving and powered by passionate people. In the same way you should include relevant images, show off your support staff or team of designers and provide an original blurb from each. This encourages the sale by underscoring service execution and the fanatical nature of your employees. Showing the human side of your software or service gets customers interested in what you have to offer.

What to Leave Out: Similar to faux testimonials, leave out employee blurbs that sound forced and affected. Try taking advantage of a mini Q&A or bio format, and let your staff show off its personality with a few odd, fun facts.

Include an Apparent Call-to-Action
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This one’s simple: ask for the sale. Sure, reading about your company may be inspiring, but if visitors don’t know what to do next then you’ve already lost them. Provide a distinct path for obtaining more information too. Include a link to a free demo or ask them to sign up for your newsletter to stay up-to-date on company changes.

What to Leave Out: A hidden call-to-action (CTA). The message should be apparent, but also visible. Bold the CTA or include it in a separate box or table so it’s clearly accessible when customers are ready to act.

Ultimately, the language you use in your “About Us” page is key. You want to identify with potential customers, not alienate them. Make sure you speak the customer’s language. Keep your tone light and conversational, but also concise. Keep in mind these three aspects when framing the writing for your “About Us” page: Who we are; what we do; why we work. Include this valuable information and you’ll be on your way to getting the sale in no time.

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