Keep it Simple, Silly – 4 Ways to Cut the Clutter

It’s tempting to fill up the white space on your website or landing page. However, unless you’re adding relevant and important information, don’t give in to temptation. In fact, even if it is crucial to your site, it’s even more important to have some white space. This helps the design look great and keeps people on your site. Get rid of the clutter with these steps.

Stay Focused

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There is nothing worse than ending up on a website that rambles. You need to make sure to keep your focus at all times. The copy, call to action, and images should all tie back to your main goal of keeping visitors coming to the site or making a sale. When you cut out text or images that don’t help this focus, you’re going to clear up a lot of space. This has the added benefit of leading visitors where you want them to go, and ensuring that they aren’t confused about your purpose.

Cut Down on Forms

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Do you really need three different forms on the page? Get rid of any forms that aren’t absolutely necessary. In addition, make sure that any forms you do have ask the minimum you need for the sale or email capture. If your forms are long and frustrating, not only will people choose not to fill them out, they will add to the clutter and confusion on your landing page. For an email capture form, for example, you only need the visitor’s first name and email address. Anything else is unnecessary and only takes up space.

Limit Images

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Images are an important aspect of your landing page. They add a break to text and are visually appealing. However, too many images will hurt your page in the long run. The number of images you should use is wholly dependent on your landing page. Short pages that require a large amount of text can get away with one or two images. If your landing page is long, you’ll need more to keep people interested in what is actually on the page. Make sure the images aren’t too large, either. If you cut the size just a little, you’ll be making up for it in white space.

Edit Text

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Read through the copy on your landing page. Is it optimized for customer conversion? Does it flow well to ensure easy reading? If so, that’s great. Unfortunately, many landing pages don’t keep the text to a minimum. Keeping your page text edited will help the page look great and will give you the added benefit of a better looking site. This doesn’t mean you should cut out everything – make sure that the important parts are there and that it all sounds good together.

Keeping your website looking its best will increase the number of people who stay on the page, and the number of those who continue to fill out your form or buy your product. When you cut the clutter, you’re making strides to improving your conversion rate.

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By Jon Correll

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