Understanding Real-Time Marketing

The digital arena is a nonstop, attention-grabbing powerhouse that’s changing the marketing landscape by the millisecond. If your marketing efforts aren’t millisecond-optimized and ready for real-time, then your audience will walk out of the theater before the show is over. To better achieve marketing success on a digital level, here is a basic explanation of real-time marketing and how it’s teamed with real-time analytics to bring your online marketing to new heights, especially on your landing pages

Real-Time Marketing in a Digital Nutshell

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Online marketing is a tough nut to crack. All idioms aside, it’s also essential for businesses wanting to reach a massive customer base. Because of this, a real-time marketing approach is an effective way to reach audiences on aclose-to-immediate timescale.

Real-time marketing is an inbound approach that relies on social media and other digital avenues to advertise to customers based on potential sales opportunities. The idea of “real-time” comes into play with the delivery of the advertising itself.

To proliferate all things social media, marketers can track and monitor customer habits as it’s happening. This creates in-the-moment market research by advertising to customers with informed, pertinent marketing campaigns. By combining results-based real-time analytics, real-time marketing creates an optimized advertising environment for both marketers and their potential customers.

Analytics: Real-Time Marketing’s Sidekick

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Real-time marketing can be great, but only if it’s working. When it comes to tracking everything from website traffic to data reports, real-time analytics allows marketers to see the who, the where, and the what behind their marketing efforts.

Real-time analytics breaks down the geographic location of your visitors, the number of visitors interacting with your website or advertising campaign, the exact pages they’re interacting with, and the duration of a page view all as it’s happening. With inside information like this, real-time marketing is customer-optimized which is essential for advertising.

Real-Time Marketing at Work

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Real-time marketing with the help of social media is essential for marketers to reach audiences via word-of-mouth. Whether it’s event driven marketing that revolves around specific circumstances within a customer’s life, or direct marketing that starts with a customer’s wants and desires via direct interaction, real-time marketing works.

Encouraging your customers to connect with your brand by offering discounts and deals through sites like Foursquare and Facebook is just one way to take advantage of real-time marketing. Tweeting about your brand and monitoring the resulting Twitter conversations is another effective real-time approach to take.

Real-Time Takes Time

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Mastering real-time marketing doesn’t happen over night. It takes plenty of research and dedication. In fact, larger corporations employ entire staffs dedicated to real-time marketing approaches that best suit their brand. Fortunately, there are real-time analytic tools available to help your business hit the ground running regardless of its size.

If you want to keep your customers in their seats until the end of the show, look into real-time marketing and what it can do for your business.

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By Jon Correll

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