Maxly is Launching New Website Performance Monitoring Service

Maxly is in pre-BETA

Voodoo Alerts
Voodoo Alerts

Maxly has started a new website monitoring service that monitors all aspects of your website and let’s you know if it finds any problems. Although still in pre-beta (alpha), Maxly website monitoring service should start wide beta mode in June of 2014.

Do you know which browser is making you lose money?

With Maxly, you’ll know your differences in conversion for each browser and OS, and get alerts whenever your website drops in sales.

How does Maxly work?

Maxly works by checking your conversions and visitor activity 24/7 so you don’t have to. VA constantly measures the site activity and conversions from the view of the user. Even if only one part of the funnel is broken, VA with send you an alert letting you know there may be problems.

24/7 Monitoring – Maxly constantly monitors your website for problems your visitors may experience that may not show up in standard reports or with industry standard website monitoring services like Pingdom.

Automatic Notifications – If any problems are found while Maxly measures your websites, a notification would be sent to you so that you can fix the problems fast by knowing exactly where the problem lies.

Minimize Lost Sales – You can minimize lost sales and get your prospect users’ experience back to awesome in no time at all.

Website Problems Can “Just Happen”

Many website breakages happen outside of the internal site. In other words, your site could stop working for a segment of your traffic without you knowing. What if the latest version of Apple Mac and iOS Safari browser was changed and now your site doesn’t display properly? How would you know? Or a new update in Webkit changed the way your form shows on a page, and your users can’t seem to get the form to submit… What then?

Maxly constantly monitors every aspect of your site, and lets you know if there is a problem before it sucks profits out of your pockets. A simple email or text would be sent letting you know “Hey, looks like there is a problem in Safari on mobile. There was a serious conversion dip over the last few hours. Check it out!”

You can goto to the Maxly sign-up page to get started now. Although still in beta mode, the technology used has been around since the beginning of Conversion Voodoo.


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