Landing Page Copy Tips to Guide You in 2014

Content and page copy are crucial to a successful landing page. They are becoming even more important as 2014 continues. You don’t want to have the same boring copy as everyone else. You need to make sure that you copy stands out, and that it’s engaging enough to keep people on your page. Because of this, you should consider some of the copy tips for this year.

1. Change Your Wording

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One of the first steps to enhance your copy is to take a fresh look at it, whether the original copy was written five months ago or five years ago. Even if the majority of the copy doesn’t need to be changed, a fresh set of eyes can help you find mistakes and problem.

Get rid of repetitive wording. Do you find that you use the word “great” a lot? For example, you may find that you say you have a great product and it does great things for the customer. This should be changed immediately. The variety of words you use helps not only the flow of the copy, but it will also keep the reader on the page longer. If you can’t think of new wording on your own, consider hiring a copywriter or using a thesaurus.

2. Wow With Your Headline

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We all know that your headline is one of the most important parts of your copy. The headline is the first thing people see on the page, and it is what is going to keep them reading. If readers don’t engage with your headline, you’ve already lost them. So, what are some good ways to ensure your heading is perfect?

  • Use an emotion – Tell the reader how they should feel, or at the very least make them feel something. It doesn’t really matter what the emotion is, as long as it is consistent with your product.
  • Instill a need – No one is going to buy your product if they don’t feel that they need it. So, tell them they need it and offer a little information as to why it’s so important.
  • As a question – Using a question in the headline is a good way to get readers to continue down the page. Curiosity appeals to readers. They will want to know the answer to the question. They will also want to know how your product will fix their problem.
  • Don’t go overboard – Make sure that you’re using interesting wording and engaging your customers, but try not to go overboard. Your heading should be thought provoking and interesting, but it still needs to be short.

3. Target Your Audience

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It has always been important to understand your target audience. If your audience is teenagers, you’re going to write in a completely different style than if you’re talking to retired men. Use the language and skills you have available to you to get your point across, not to everyone, but to your specific readership.

4. Include Statistics and Facts

Of course, your copy can be interesting and unique without statistics or facts. However, it’s going to lack something if you don’t include at least a few. Are you selling a caffeine product that will help people stay awake longer and more easily? A fact such as “Did you know that about 56 percent of British pilots actually admit that they fall asleep during a flight?” gains more interest than simply saying “even pilots fall asleep on duty.”

When you are including statistics and fact, it’s always a good idea to cite your sources. You don’t want to end up with a lawsuit or other problems due to inaccurate facts. You can list where you found information or link to sources in the copy itself.

5. Rethink Your Closing

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In previous years, it has been commonplace to have a short, sweet closing with a call to action and not much more. This is no longer the case. You need to be able to wrap-up your thoughts for the page, while remaining interesting and engaging. If someone made it to the end of the copy without leaving, don’t let them feel let down with a terrible closing. It doesn’t have to be long as a couple of sentences will usually do the trick. However, it does need to continue to be engaging and have more than just the call to action if you want your readers to follow through with the action.

6. Change the Point-of-View

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Many landing pages are written in the first person. You talk about your experiences and the way that the product helped you. While having this information is great, it can make the reader feel like you are talking at them, instead of engaging them. Consider using second person instead. This will allow the reader to feel engaged because you are talking to them specifically. Instead of focusing on your own information and experience, focus on the customer’s experience and what your product can do for them.

7. Try New Things

Try out different copy for your landing page to figure out what works best. Make sure you test your copy, and not just other elements of the page. Even if you are completely confident in your writing, try a different style in your split testing. This allows you to ensure that every word is perfect. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone to have the best wording for your customers and your site. As always, have someone else proofread your copy before you post it live, so you have the best quality content.

Continue to test and reinvent your landing page copy, if it is not eliciting the response you want from your readers. Follow these tips to take your website to new heights and improve your conversion rate. With the right copy, you’ll bring in a larger audience and ensure a better return on everything you do.

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By Jon Correll

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