5 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014

As 2014 comes into full swing, it’s important to take a look at the marketing trends that come with it. To effectively make money on your website, or hit the number of visitors you want, you need to attract people to your site. The best way to do so is to pay attention to emerging and effective marketing trends and techniques that you can use to optimize your landing page.

1. Expansion of Content Marketing

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Over the last year, content marketing has become a buzzword in the industry. It’s just going to get bigger in 2014. This is due to a number of reasons. First, people enjoy reading interesting article and information. Having good, relevant content that isn’t simply full of keywords helps keep people on your site. You’re also able to link back to your site with content marketing such as guest blog posts. As long as your content is solid and informative, make sure that you continue using content marketing as one of your main techniques.

2. Switch in Social Media Marketing

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Broader options for social media marketing are another notable trend this year. While Facebook and Twitter are crucial components of social media campaigns, they are not the only ones in focus. Pay attention to other social networks gaining popularity and users, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even Imgur. Remember, each type of social network brings in a different audience and a different style.

3. Sharing is Becoming More Popular

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Beside social networks, it’s important that the content you create and put out there is sharable. Keep in mind that people enjoy sharing information with their friends and family. This leads to more content distribution among users. Search engines are picking up on ‘share’, the amount of times a piece of content is shared among visitors and users. Therefore, the more something is shared, the more likely it is to show up in search engines.

4. Images and Videos Take the Spotlight

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It’s easy to get your point across with a video or an image, and luckily, these are also easy to share. In 2014, it’s important to have relevant and interesting pictures and videos for your marketing campaign. A video is a quick and easy way to show off the benefits of a product. A series of videos is a great way to get people coming back to your site.

5. Email’s Comeback

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Within the last several years, marketers have been leery about email marketing. However, with the growing number of smartphone users, email marketing has made a comeback. Smartphones have made it easy to retrieve high volumes of email quicker and user content retention a possibility. Additionally, email marketing campaign click through rates continue to grow with the use of buttons for instant social sharing.

Surely, there are many more marketing trends and techniques yet to emerge this year, and as always be sure to test them instead of blindly using them. However, the most important trend to remember is that people are social creatures, and understanding this may help you create the perfect marketing campaign for 2014.

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By Jon Correll

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