5 Juicy Headlines Tips Your Customers Will Eat Up

Grabbing the attention of your visitors is the only way you’re going to keep them on your landing page long enough to get an email address or a sale. One of the biggest questions when creating a landing page is how to do this. Having awesome headlines will help get people’s attention.

Be Upfront With Information

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One of the reasons people may leave your site is because your headlines are confusing. If what you’re saying in the headline doesn’t make sense with the rest of the page, people will get frustrated and leave. Because of this, you need to be upfront. Don’t try to cloak what you’re saying with riddles. Because most people skim articles and websites, you need to tell readers what they need to know right away. They’ll stop and read the page if the headlines tell them the basics of what they need to know.

Does Your Headline Draw People In?

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In addition to offering relevant information, your headline should draw your readers in to the page. A good way to do this is with a question. When you ask a question with the headline, you’re drawing the reader into the page. They want to find out the answer to the question. Make sure you answer your question within the copy.

Make Your Readers Laugh, Cry, or Question

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Emotion is the driving force behind visitors continuing through your site. You need to make them feel something, not only with the copy, but also with the headline. There are a few ways you can do this. Ask yourself how your product or service should make the reader feel? Bring out these emotions in the headline. Make your readers curious, or rely on their self-interest. However you bring about emotions with your headline, don’t forget that negative emotions can be just as motivating as positive ones.

Outlandish Extravagance Isn’t Necessary

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While you want your headline to be engaging, interesting, and creative, you need to be careful with it as well. Verbose language isn’t needed. Be simple and direct. In addition, ensure that all claims in your headlines and in your copy are correct. If you can’t prove it, don’t use it. This will keep you from getting in legal trouble as well as driving away potential customers.

3 Ways Numbers Help Headlines

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People like stats and facts. Because of this, using numbers in your headline is a great way to entice readers. Let’s take a look at some of the ways numbers help enhance your headlines.

  • Numbers are interesting. People will want to read more about what the numbers represent.
  • People remember numbers and stats. Usually, only up to five points are remembered. However, you can catch people’s attention by using less frequently used numbers, such as 17 or 23.
  • Percentages and other statistics are a great way to really grab attention and make a point at the same time.

Don’t forget to put some thought into your headlines. Writing the headlines last can help you ensure that they’re relevant and interesting.

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