10 Holiday Themed Landing Page Design Inspiration from Top Online Retailers

Holiday season is one of the most important times for retailers online and offline, so we wanted to look around their sites to see how they are doing things differently for the holiday season. We expect lots of sites to start including ample holiday themed elements, and elements like a shipping table so you know you will get your items shipped by Christmas time. We’ll post more holiday themed landing pages as we find them. Have a rockin’ Holiday Season!



  • Using their brand color with some green elements they easily capture the holiday spirit
  • Uses a top banner to show off the biggest discounts
  • Divides sales and items into easily accessible spaces



  • Keeping their main layout, they’ve added in banners and a background for the holidays
  • Divides sale categories into a simple, clickable menu banner
  • Uses in-site ads that link to individual and stand-out sale items



  • A large top section showing off the largest deals with a nice, gold, festive theme
  • Shows off a section of daily deals
  • Has sections dedicated to different, sought-after categories for gifts



  • Uses a top banner to drive into “ONLINE SPECIALS”
  • Shows off popular holiday gifts with exclusive sale prices
  • Has specific holiday categories: “amazing gifts”, “holiday inspiration”, etc



  • Very modern and clean yet still carries a holiday feeling
  • Foregoes showing up particular items and rather shows off sales for categories
  • Divides gifts sections into prices and for sex and age

Best Buy


  • One of the least festive landing pages here, they went with simplicity over decor
  • Uses a main banner to link to hot deals which change throughout the day
  • Uses valuable real estate to sell their website over competitors: “low price guarantee”, “free shipping”, “Christmas delivery”

Home Depot


  • My personal favorite of this post, they chose a mixture between a holiday theme and keeping with their natural home-improvement branding
  • Has a large banner showing off special holiday gifts and links to more
  • Divides both gift categories and sales categories



  • Taking a more modern feel, the only hint towards holiday sales is the wreath in the banner
  • Has a large selection of clickable gift categories that are on clearance
  • Has a section for items on sale, in-site display ads, and gift categories – covering all bases



  • Doesn’t show any particular items, rather has many options for all types of gift categories
  • Has a row of in-site display ads for particular savings and sales
  • Offers a bonus discount for the holidays



  • Takes a different approach and offers 48-hour sales through the holiday season
  • Links to individual categories via text, fitting as much as possible above the fold
  • Like Macy’s, offers a selection of extra discount coupon codes for holiday purchases

We’d love to hear from you! Just add your favorite holiday season sites in the comments below.

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