Show, Don’t Tell – Using Videos on your Landing Page

Your landing page has limited space, and you need to let your visitors know exactly what you’re offering, the benefits, and more in a quick way. There are many approaches to do this, and one of the most effective ways is by using videos. Can videos be effective for landing pages?

Videos Easily Show Visitors the Benefits

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One of the best things about using videos on your landing page is that you’re able to show your visitors exactly what benefits your product or service will have for them. Does your product make their lives easier? Will your service ensure that they get a great deal? These are all important to buyers and a video can show them more effectively than words on a page.

Some People Just Don’t Like To Read

Many people don’t read web pages. Instead they scan them, looking for the bits of info they’re interested in. It could be people don’t like to read, or maybe they’re just trying to be efficient – but either way having a succinct video could help them understand your offering better. When was the last time you saw a commercial on TV that looked like a web page? Grab attention with a dynamic video!

Target a Variety of Visitors

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With different types of videos, you’re able to target different audiences. This allows you to bring in more visitors to your site. In general, videos are simple to create, and offer a huge amount of value to your site, and your product as well. Because of this, having different videos that are targeted toward different demographics is a great option. If you’re selling cleaning supplies, for example, you could have videos that are directed toward stay at home moms, as well as companies that specialize in housecleaning services.

Share on Many Sites

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Videos can be shared on a number of sites. From posting your video on YouTube, to sharing it on your social media sites, these videos can be located in more places than just your landing page. How is this helpful? You can add a link to the video that brings people back to your landing page. So, if they watch the video and are interested, they’re likely to come visit your site, as well.

Improve Your Page Rank

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Did you know that many of the search engines value videos? When your site is crawled for indexing, you can be ranked well if you have informational and promotional videos. The videos still have to be good quality and helpful to customers. It’s also important to remember that these will help you with overall conversions, and with how your landing page ranks through the search engines.

Show Off Extras

Another great thing that you can do with your videos is to show extras that can accompany your product – whether these are extras that are included in the cost of the original product or they are add-ons that can be purchased. Being able to show your visitors these products along with the original helps prove the value of what you’re trying to sell. In addition, when visitors see these extras, they may be inclined to purchase more of them.

Videos are not required for landing pages – and they may not always convert well. However, with so many benefits to videos, it doesn’t hurt to consider them in your next split test. From informational videos on how to use your product to clips on the benefits, these videos are easily sharable and may help your site improve in many different ways.

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By Jon Correll

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