A Better Mousetrap: 5 Effective Ways to Capture More Emails

Have you noticed a drop in the number of email captures you get? Sometimes you need to change things up with your email opt-in process to increase this number. When you’re considering your email captures, there are a few things you can change on your landing page to help ensure you get a better email capture conversion.

1. Registration During Purchase

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One of the most effective ways to ensure email capture is to ask visitors to register when they purchase something from your website. The customer is already engaged in your site and product, and will usually fill out the registration form. In fact, one study shows that registration during purchase has a 58 percent effectiveness for those who use it. Whether you require registration to buy, or it’s just an option, you’re going to get more email addresses with a registration form at this point. Make sure to test a checkout process with vs without registration so you know this doesn’t have a negative overall effect!

2. Update Your Capture Box

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Make sure you update your capture box regularly. If it looks boring, old, or out-of-date, people are going to ignore it. However, if you update it to reflect new design options, people will be more likely to see it and even fill it out. Try to do something unique with your capture box. This will help ensure that it stands out and people will fill it out more often. Try different colors, fonts, and required fields on the form.

3. Provide Webinars

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Do you have something important or useful to say? Are you able to help visitors with a problem they have? Offer a webinar, and you’re going to increase the number of email addresses you get from visitors. People will sign up for your webinar, offering you their email address for contact. Webinar offerings increase email captures by up to 42 percent. This is a huge improvement, and if your captures are starting to lag this is a great option.

4. Blog Post Hooks

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If your blog is awesome, people are going to want to read it as you update. This is one great way to get email addresses from visitors (See ours in the top-right of this page?). There are a few ways you can go about this. One common way is to have a button or form allowing visitors to subscribe to your blog through their email address. However, there are other great options, including having a specific post emailed to the visitor. This allows them to read it later when they have time. It also gets you more email addresses.

5. Offer an Incentive

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People like things for free. If all they have to do to get a discount on your product is give you their email address, many will fill out the form. Consider offering a percentage or set price off for new visitors who fill out the email capture form. Another incentive option is free shipping. Anything to give instant gratification to customers is a great way to get more information from them.

When you get email addresses, you’re able to send out promotional information, newsletters, and more. This helps you get the repeat customers you’re looking for.

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By Jon Correll

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