5 Analytics that Show the True Colors of Your Conversions

Your website is converting well. You’re making sales, and things are going great. However, did you know that by simply taking a look at your analytics, you may find that there are things you can do to improve your site’s conversion rate even more?

1. Cart Abandonment

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Why do you need to track cart abandonment? This will help you understand if there is something wrong with your checkout process. If a lot of your customers are not continuing through the checkout process, you may need to take a closer look at this. Is your checkout too long? Is your shipping too high? Tweaking your checkout will help increase your conversion even more.

2. New Visitors

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Okay, you know that it’s good to have a lot of new visitors to your site, right? Not only does it look good for your stats, it’s great for your conversion. If you have very few new visitors, you’re going to need to fix this. Work on your advertising campaigns, social media, and maybe even take a look at your homepage for places you can improve. When you have new visitors, you’re going to increase your conversions. Sure, it’s great that your customers are loyal and keep coming back, but you need to get new people in the door, too.

3. Keywords

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It’s good to know exactly how people are coming to your website. Check out the keywords that are bringing people in. This will help you understand the mindset of your customers. If most people are coming in after searching for a specific product, you can use this information to feature that product on the homepage. This can lead to more sales. However, if customers are coming in through keywords asking for information on a product or service, you’ll want to consider having more how-to’s or informational posts immediately available with product links.

4. Site Overlay

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Take a look at your site and the way people click-through it. With a site overlay, you’ll get to see your website the way your customers see it, and from there you can actually view where people are clicking. This helps you understand if there are links or pages that you may need to improve or make more enticing for your customers. As you look at the site overlay, think about what draws your attention the most. This is probably what’s drawing your customer’s attention, as well.

5. Social Sources

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Google Analytics now shows you a report of people who are interacting with your company on a social level. This is crucial to your website’s success. If you pull up this report and there is little to nothing there, make sure to engage your customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The more interactive you and your customers are, the more likely you are to have higher conversions.

There’s always something more you can do to make your site better. Make sure that you are checking out all the different analytics reports to get the full picture of your conversions.

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By Jon Correll

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