9 Landing Page Optimization Tactics that Take Ten Minutes or Less

You want to optimize your landing page, but you don’t have a lot of time to do it. Did you know that there are many tactics that take ten minutes or less that can increase your conversions and help your page ranking? Get your landing page in top condition with these tips.

1. Add High Quality Images

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Let’s be honest, no one wants to visit a site that isn’t visually appealing. One of the best things you can do to optimize your site is add a few high quality images. You don’t want to have too many images, but make sure that you have enough to break up your text. The exact number of images you should have on your page depends on the amount of text you have. If you only have a few paragraphs, one or two images works. However, if your landing page is long, having more images is ideal. Be careful not to use too many large sized images, as you don’t want to affect your site’s loading speed.

2. Edit Your Copy

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You need to make sure you’re reading through your copy regularly. When you read through your copy, make sure to read it as a visitor to your site, not as the writer. As you go through the text, you also need to edit it. Get rid of any unnecessary filler text. Make sure all grammar and spelling is correct. Don’t leave out any punctuation or leave in punctuation that simply shouldn’t be there.

If you feel that your text is too long to edit in 10 minutes or less, break it into sections. Do one section at a time. This ensures that the copy is thoroughly edited and sounds great when your visitors read it.

3. Bring Important Info Above the Fold

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Make the purpose of your landing page clear to your visitors. The easiest and best way to do this is to bring the most important information “above the fold.” What does this mean? It means that you need to have all information that will draw the visitor in and get them to convert immediately visible. Newspapers have done this for decades. Readers shouldn’t have to open a newspaper or scroll down the page to see why they should purchase your product. Consider keeping contact forms, calls to action, and unique selling propositions “above the fold.”

4. Create a Video

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Videos needn’t be long, but it is a smart idea to test a video on your landing page. These will make the page more engaging and could also improve your page rank. You can create a video in less than 10 minutes using a video recorder or even your smartphone. If you are selling a product, the video could be as simple as showing some of the common uses of the product.

Creating the video itself may take more than 10 minutes, including setup, shooting, and editing. It takes much less than this however to post that video to your landing page. In fact, often this can take as little as one or two minutes.

5. Add Valuable Contact Information

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Visitors to your site will probably have questions. They need to have good ways to get in contact with you. It’s crucial that you have valuable contact information readily available on the landing page. Offer a contact form, email address, and even a phone number. Phone numbers help people feel more comfortable with you as a company, and ensures that those who are uncomfortable with online transactions are still able to purchase your product.

6. Update Your Meta Information

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Too many people think that meta information is no longer relevant. However, if you truly want a fully optimized landing page, you need to make sure that your meta information is relevant to the page. Take a few minutes and go through the meta description, keywords, and title. Do you have too many keywords? Does the description accurately describe the page? With proper meta information, your site will do better in the search engines, and have an overall better conversion rate.

7. Optimize Your Forms

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Take a look at all the forms you have on your landing pages. Do they require unnecessary information? If so, get rid of them. You don’t need to have five contact numbers for visitors, as well as a fax number. Pare down the forms so that they are as simple as possible. This will encourage more people to fill them out. If the form is long and complicated, even interested parties will give up and leave the page without ending in a conversion.

8. Review Your Headline

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Your headline is what is going to draw people into your site. It’s generally the first thing they read, so it needs to be focused. On top of this, it needs to be something that is going to catch the eye of the visitor. Otherwise, they are likely to leave the page without getting any further.

Consider your headline. Is it something you would find interesting? If it is boring, consider other ways to introduce the product. When creating a headline, you need a delicate balance. You don’t want to be too sales-y, but you also need to make sure that your visitors become interested in the product.

9. Be Consistent

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As you go through your landing page, it’s important to make sure that the message is consistent. Does each call to action state the same purpose? Is your phrasing similar through the copy? These things will help you to optimize the site, and ensure visitors know exactly what to do. Along with this, you need to make sure that the landing page is consistent with other landing pages you may have, as well as ads you have up.

There is a lot you can do for your website in 10 minutes or less. When you don’t have a lot of time, make use of the time you have to help ensure better conversions on your landing page. When you take the time to make these changes, it could show in a lower bounce rate and higher conversions. We always remind people to TEST in these ideas, as you never know how something will affect your users until you try it!

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By Jon Correll

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