How to use Conversion Optimization to Battle Shopping Cart Abandonment – An Infographic

Lots of people come to us for landing page optimization, but there’s a great deal to be learned from shopping cart abandonment as well. Today we’re excited to release an infographic showing the major concerns and solutions to battling shopping cart abandonment. Here are a few core concepts we always find interesting:

  • Ecommerce sites have an average cart abandonment rate of 55% to 75%
  • The average online checkout process includes 5.6 pages
  • 40% of shoppers are hesitant to create an account because they expect to receive spam

What surprises you?

(Click the image to view a larger size.)

Conversion Voodoo - Shopping Cart Abandonment

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By Jon Correll

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5 thoughts on “How to use Conversion Optimization to Battle Shopping Cart Abandonment – An Infographic

  1. This is a fantastic infographic, covered pretty much everything.

    Shipping is a huge deterrent….message received.

  2. A wonderful infographic, I must say. Complicated and lengthy checkout process is a huge deterrent. I think that’s why Amazon patented the single click checkout. They have created a huge entry barrier 🙂 Thanks for the infograph.

  3. Really interesting infographic, i’m astonish by the number of person that check return policies before to buy !!

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