What Typography Tells People About Your Landing Page

You want your website to say something to the customer as soon as the page loads. There are many ways to do this – with color, composition, and images. However, one thing that many website owners forget is typography. When you really want your website to evoke a feeling, make sure you are using the correct typography.

Fun and Laid Back Fonts for Casual Sites

Image via Flickr by tarrytown

Are you building a website where you are trying to show a fun, casual, laid back face? If so, it is important to show this with the typography. Make sure you use font faces that are considered less formal. When trying to show off a fun website, consider the following fonts:

Keep in mind that many ‘fun’ fonts are also considered cheesy. Additionally, they may be difficult to read if used in a large amount of text. It is a good idea to use them in moderation. And please think twice about using Comic Sans.

Script Fonts Represent a Formal Tone

Image via Flickr by olarte.ollie

If you need a formal feel on your site, a script font can add the perfect touch. It also adds a bit of flair to the content. Script fonts are great for formal announcements, registry sites, and more. When selecting a script font, it is important to make sure that it is still capable of being read. Too many curls and extra lines can make the text confusing to some users. When putting together a formal site, some great font options are:

Try Going Retro With Your Text

Image via Flickr by Nils Geylen

Is your site a throwback to the past? Consider using a font that has a retro feel. These fonts will evoke a feeling from the past and place the users in the timeframe you are wishing to encapsulate on your site.

These sites should help you capture old-timey feel:

Modern Site, Modern Text

Image via Flickr by Cory Schmitz

Do you want your visitors to know right off the bat that your website is up-to-date? Modern looking text is great for this type of respresentation. There are a lot of options when selecting a modern text style.

Go Custom for the Perfect Look

Image via Flickr by sbwoodside

Did you know that you can get custom fonts created? If you are going for a specific feel on your website, and just can’t find the right text to evoke the feelings you want, consider getting a custom font. This will allow you to decide how it looks, any fun extras, width, kerning, and more.

Serif or Sans? That is the Question

serif vs sans-serif

When considering what your font says about you, it is important to decide if you are going to have a Serif or Sans-serif type font. Serif fonts have “tails”, while sans-serif fonts do not. There is a lot of debate about which of the two are the perfect font. Many feel that a more professional font is Serif, while Sans-serif fonts are inherently more casual. Establishing which is best for your site is a key step in moving towards a direction that imerses users in the theme of your site.

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding on the typography of your website. When you pull together the right font, along with colors, design, and images, the whole site comes together, and helps visitors feel exactly how you want them to.

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