Our Experience Using Olark Live Chat for Conversion Optimization

If you browse our blog regularly, you may have noticed a little green tab at the bottom of the page that reads “Chat with us!” – if you ever come across it, feel free to chat with us! There’s a real person behind it and we don’t bite!

We are always looking for the next best thing for conversion rate optimization, and we’ve noticed lots of websites are popping up with live customer support chat. People usually want instant customer service, rather than calling a 800 number and waiting on hold for 15 minutes for a question that takes 30 seconds to answer. Elements like this can also help decrease shopping cart abandonment, as they can get their questions/concerns dealt with in real time. There are a couple different options in this space, but we decided to go with Olark.

Setting up Olark is extremely simple to install, even more simple if you have a dynamic website. All you need to do is take the code they give you and paste it in your HTML code, thats it!

Next thing you wan’t to do is customize the Olark box so it looks like it fits on your website. Also extremely easy to do, no HTML or CSS experience required.

Next step is to use a program like Pidgin or Trillian to add a Jabber account with your Olark login info. When you are logged into the Jabber account the box shows up on your page saying “chat with us”, but when you are offline, it says “contact us”. Coming from a conversion standpoint we would recommend the following settings on your Olark (we use these same on our website/blog) to set it so that the box doesn’t show up when you are offline.

Olark is quick, simple, cheap, and very effective. We recommend everyone to test it out and see how your users react to it, it doesn’t cost much, and it could raise your conversion rate or help you learn more about your customer base to implement more tests in the future.


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