Holiday Themed Landing Page Design Inspiration from Top Online Retailers

Holiday season is one of the most important times for retailers online and offline, so we wanted to look around their sites to see how they are doing things differently for the holiday season. We expect lots of sites to start including ample holiday themed elements, and elements like a shipping table so you know you will get your items shipped by Christmas time.  We’ll post more holiday themed landing pages as we find them. Have a rockin’ Holiday Season!!

  • Completely different background image/color for holidays season
  • Lots of winter related items on this page
  • Nice headline “The holiday gift guide”


  • Lots of holiday themed elements throughout the page like the ornaments and snow on the logo
  • Sliding images showing the different types of deals they’re offering
  • All of the items on the page are red, not sure if this is distracting or a good thing?

  • Majority of the page focused on finding gifts for people
  • Images of gift boxes used for holiday “theme”
  • Not a whole lot of holiday stuff


  • Very cool holiday themed Zappos logo
  • Big selection of winter themed items
  • Holiday Gift guide link in header


  • Tons of different items on this page
  • “Top Holiday Deals” image/link on top right
  • Cool “deals of the day” thing going on for lots of holiday themed items


  • Out of all the sites this is the most holiday themed with a large holiday themed background image
  • Very creative “SALE!” image on top of the page showcasing they have up to 75% off some products
  • Another creative image on the middle of the page showing their holiday deals are up to 50% off


Trends Throughout These Pages

  • Winter elements like snowflakes and snow
  • Most seem to advertise stuff like jackets, boots, winter type things
  • Finding gifts for people or “gift finders” are good trends
  • Lots of use of the color red

We’d love to hear from you! Just add your favorite holiday season sites in the comments below. By Jon Correll.

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