Cyber Monday awesome landing pages you can use for inspiration

We analyze some of the largest online retailers landing pages for one of the biggest online shopping days Cyber Monday.

Best Buy

  • Good looking headline with nice background design
  • A great way to lay out the different categories of the site with icons/text links
  • Large red callout with “hottest cyber week deals” and “show now” button


  • Keeps it extremely simple with a large headline text reading “shop cyber monday deals today!”
  • With the simple theme has links for all categories on the site
  • Good red blurb on top left showing ‘free shipping’


  • Huge headline exclaiming that it is cyber monday, and also showing 15% off and free shipping for items $75 and up
  • Special deals to scroll through like buy one get one free
  • Different categories to shop in during cyber monday


  • Good headline talking about “deals” and “steals”
  • Awesome neon sign graphic pointing to the “deals”
  • Shop by categories link on sidebar and in main content with picture and text links


  • Big area of their homepage dedicated to Cyber Monday showcasing a couple of deals
  • Good headline saying “Our Best online specials”
  • Very large “Cyber Monday” headline very hard to miss, also hard to miss the free shipping headlines


  • Amazon has a very large  link on their homepage helping you find their Cyber Monday deals
  • A great feature of Amazon’s Cyber Monday page is the lightning deals with cool countdown and showing which lightning deals were already claimed by people real time
  • Tons of links to all kinds of different products all over the page, something for everyone


  • Very cool headline “Don’t freak out. Geek out” for the main banner on Newegg’s page
  • The copy “1,000+ & growing Cyber Monday Deal List” implying they are going to add more deals to their page later!


  • Awesome area dedicated just to cyber Monday stuff with a slider showing their best deals with red labels of price and how much percent off
  • Straight to the point headlines “cyber Monday” and “shop our lowest prices of the year”
  • Great links under the deals showing more ways to save on different items and “see all deals” button to click

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