Facebook Landing Page Optimization: How to use social media data for tests

Facebook wants you on its network, and it has some great bait. No, it’s not giving you free credit and beer; it’s giving out free data. Facebook Insights is a surprisingly rich analytics platform that you can use for landing page optimization.

facebook optimization marketer bait

Insights will teach you about your Facebook fans (for free) and show you what they’re up to. Of course, it’s always good to know your audience before you reel them in.

Know who you’re dealing with

If you have a Facebook page, Insights’s data will shed light on two big aspects of your audience:

#1. Preferred topics – you can see the reach, sharing activity, and clicks captured by your posts on Facebook. This reveals which types of content resonate with your fans.

Look at the data and ask yourself, what does the audience prefer?

  • Video, images, or text?
  • Cash discounts, percentage discounts, or buy-one-get-one offers?
  • Contests or content?
  • Blog posts or LOLCats?

You can answer these questions by sharing content on your page and tracking it through Insights. You’ll uncover the:

  • Topics your followers care about
  • Offers they care about
  • Language and tone they prefer

All this information can be used for landing page optimization. The topics your audience enjoys can inspire ideas for targeted landing pages. The offers they prefer show you how to position your upcoming campaign. The type of language they use can shape your copy.

#2. Demographics – the demographic data provided by Insights is fantastic. Not only can you track the amount of engagement with your content, you can also track who engaged.

If your “creepy” alarm just went off, there’s no need to worry. This data is anonymous and aggregated. Your customers will not equate you with the CIA (though Facebook has run into privacy concerns in the past).

You can select to view the people who ‘like’ your page, view your content, or click your content. Insights provides a percentage breakdown of the group’s:

  • Genders and ages
  • Countries and cities
  • Languages spoken

Let’s say you notice that 20% of your audience speaks Spanish as a first language. That’s a great opportunity to create a targeted landing page that uses Spanish to make a deeper connection with that group.

Or maybe your Facebook stats show that people who engage your content are 10 years older than you expected. Or maybe you have more women in your audience than you realized. You can send campaigns to these groups on Facebook and use targeted landing pages to earn more conversions.

Landing page optimization on Facebook

Generating traffic to your website from Facebook can be a challenge. People are enjoying themselves on the network and don’t want to leave – so don’t make them. Instead, create a landing page in their environment.

Every brand on Facebook is given a “page,” which is like a profile. Sub-pages are created on “tabs,” and a tab is where you can add a custom landing page. You can collect email opt-ins and other conversions right on this page.

Disney, for example, created a landing page to promote a sweepstakes on Facebook:

Facebook landing page optimization - disney

You can even set a tab to the default landing page for all your visitors on the network.

So, let’s say you notice a lot of activity around your brand from a certain region. You can create a landing page that speaks directly to this region, like Oreo did for Venezuela (see below).

Facebook landing page optimization - oreo

You could even target regions in the U.S.

The bottom line: Facebook provides rich data that teaches you about your audience in social media. With a few clicks you can better understand your group’s interests and demographics – and that can drive better tests for landing pages.

Have other ideas for using Facebook for landing page optimization? Let us know in the comments!


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