2 Tips for Higher Conversions via the Adobe Landing Page Optimization Survey

Some recent Adobe landing page optimization research shows that marketers are catching onto this whole “optimization thing.” Many, however, have yet to grab some big opportunities.

The Adobe optimization survey queried more than 1,700 digital marketers. The findings are published in the “Top 5 Conversion Opportunities”  report and a nifty infographic (note: you have to fill out a form to get the report).

The report’s insights are great, but we dug into the data and found a few of our own. Then we turned them into tips to boost your conversion rates.

Tip #1. Optimize more than landing pages

When someone says “conversion optimization,” marketers think “landing pages.” Not surprisingly, landing page tests are the most popular with 41% of marketers running them. And since the homepage is often a landing page, 33% of marketers are testing there as well.

The percentages start dropping like bricks from there. Here’s a chart from the Adobe report:

adobe optimization research - where to test

The big opportunity here is all the way at the top. Only 10% of marketers test their shopping carts and forms. Seriously!?! That’s less than half the number that test display ads!

Optimizing a shopping cart (shopping cart abandonment tips) can have direct impact on your bottom line. If you increase the conversion rate, you earn more money. Period

On the other hand, optimizing a display ad is like sending your 1990 Macintosh Classic into a repair shop. They might clean it up, but how good can it really get?

That’s why, if you’re testing display ads to get more clicks, you should probably stop. Testing your shopping cart will earn much more revenue.

And product pages! Only 22% of marketers are testing them. Ask yourself:

  • What would I get from a 20% increase in the add-to-cart rate on my product page? Answer: more money.
  • What would I get from a 20% increase in clickthrough rate on my display ads? Answer: almost nothing.

Tip #2. Go beyond images and layouts

One-third of digital marketers (35%) have no clue about what to test on a page. An equal number say the layout is the best variable to test, and 26% say it’s the images.

adobe optimization research - variables to test

We know why layout and images top the list, and it’s not because they’re the most effective to test. It’s because they’re the easiest

Changing an image takes about 10 minutes. Changing a layout requires critical thought and about an hour. Writing new copy, though, can take all day. But it’s worth it.

Content remains king. And we’re not talking about images. Focusing on value with clear, direct copy can have a huge impact on conversion rates – often more than changing a layout or image.

So if you’re beating your head against a wall trying to improve conversion rate, set aside a few hours for copywriting. Be sure to focus on benefits and not features in the copy. Oh, and even though only 5% of marketers say it’s worthwhile, testing security seals and trust logos will increase conversions, too.


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