5 Totally Awesome Sites That Don’t Just Sit There – Landing Page Inspiration for 2012

landing page inspriation for auto loan websites

Disclaimer: This post is being written by one of CV’s designers so hang on to your seats and take it all with a grain of salt.

5 Cool Sites – Landing Page Inspiration for 2012

So you’ve got a website with a high bounce rate and your visitors aren’t hanging around too long to be sold on the information you’re giving them? Well I’ve got a solution for you! Trick them into staying longer with the use of shiny objects! I’ve found some great “sticky” website design inspirations for 2012.

I know that when I come across a site with neat little do-dads I spend way too much time playing with them and then I end up being hooked into the site and I have to read everything that is on it. It’s science.

It’s amazing how far web languages have come in the past few years, especially considering what can be done using JavaScript and Jquery to give your websites a little spice. In fact, I almost can’t believe how great websites have become and I am building them on a daily basis!

With the use of modern HTML and CSS with some JS sprinkled in, you can change your boring, Netscape 4.0-optimized site into shiny object that all your competition is jealous of and your clientele is awed by!

But there’s one thing you need to watch out for… load times! There were a couple of sites I was going to add to this blog post but they took so long to load I fell asleep, took a nap, woke up and ended up closing the site before it even finished.

Here’s five sites I have collected that I’ve wasted too much time playing with:






Here is one extra one that I’ve thrown in as a bonus! It’s the OSX interface all done with CSS and Jquery!


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