Proper placement of your “trust logos” will improve your conversion rate

Proper Trust Logo Placement for Rockin’ Conversions

Verisign recently published a study demonstrating that the “trust index” of your average web visitor is at a paltry 61.5 points out of a possible 100. (

In other words, your average web visitor is extremely wary and rates the overall trust worthiness of unfamiliar websites just above an “F”.

It’s for this reason that many security & trust logos exist – they’re designed to bring outside credibility and reinforce that a new user can trust your website.

Most of the big players in the trust logo space offer a litany of studies demonstrating how simply adding their logo will improve your website conversion rate.

We’ve found, however, that proper trust logo placement can make a significant difference in how much the conversion rate will improve.

Many websites tend to place their trust symbols in two places:

  • At the top of the page
  • Under or next to their checkout form, for instance, places their trust images on the very bottom of their checkout form:

We’ve found, however, that placing your trust logo next to the most critical fields in your process can outperform placement anywhere else.

For example, on a recent project our client needed to collect both Social Security & Driver’s License information from their users.

Rather than leaving the symbol at the top of the page where it was originally placed, we moved the symbol closer to the crucial fields:

This simple, intuitive change led to nearly a 6% gain in the form’s conversion rate!

In the project referenced above, we increased the overall conversion rate by more than 65% using this trick and a variety of others, so make sure to contact us today if you’d like to drastically improve your conversion rate.

Our advice to and other ecommerce sites would be to test their security symbols next to the user’s credit card information field to address the user’s fears at the point of transaction.

The bottom line is if you’ve spent the money on a security symbol, test the placement to drive substantially better results!

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4 thoughts on “Proper placement of your “trust logos” will improve your conversion rate

  1. Daniel from Design Quotes says:

    Nice idea for a post. I would have thought that these logos would only help with ecommerce interactions. It makes sense that it would help with any sensitive information.

    Do you think it would help increase conversion for just an email address? Would be interesting to see a split test on that. I suspect the difference would be pretty marginal given an email isn’t considered sensitive by most.

  2. Hi Zack,

    Something else you might want to consider is the brand of logo you display during your checkout. In a study I did last year it became clear that certain companies who offered ‘secure connections’ during the checkout or any transactional phase were prone to recognition.

    The conclusion showed me that recognition preceded presence. Let me know what you think and what kind of results you get with this tactic.
    You can find the article here:

    Kind regards,

    1. Matthew – Brilliant stuff in that blog post, I was surprised that virtually nobody else has conducted a true study of conversion by certificate – appreciate your research and the comment back! Zack

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