Landing Page Inspiration for iPhone App Download Pages

landing page inspriation for iphone apps

Whenever we start a new landing page optimization project we like to start out by seeing what else is out there to help us get inspired and to see what the competition is doing (and not doing) these days. This week we focused on landing pages for iPhone app download pages.

For our landing page inspiration blog posts, we like to run though and point-out the good “best practices” on the pages, as well as highlight some of the elements that we would recommend testing.

Please use the comment area below to post some critiques and questions. Please add your thoughts on elements that should be pointed out on the pages. Often times, there are more gold nuggets there to find.

To see our comments, just rollover the images and our good/try notes will popup.


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5 thoughts on “Landing Page Inspiration for iPhone App Download Pages

  1. This is a pretty interesting read on landing page design. i just wish i could learn more of how you do what you do. look easy on the surface, but sounds like it could get very complicated in real life to do this for my site. take it easy

  2. What simple, clear and relevant tips and ideas for landing page design! I tend to be too wordy in my website and will use the tip to make a brief list of the top points or benefits rather than a cumbersome long-winded paragraph. Thanks for pointing out what helps make each button, title or content really stand out. Great post!

  3. Daniel Mooire says:

    I think my landing page design could need some improvement. The advice here, I think, will go a long way for me to achieve it.

    I think I need to improve how the product price is seen.

  4. Oooh, good idea with the contrasting colors for the name and buttons! Will definitely try that. Should make things more intuitive by guiding the viewers eye. Really, these are all great landing page design ideas.

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