Using an ancient JavaScript technique to drive conversion rate . . .

Despite running dozens of new tests for our clients every day, it was just two weeks ago that we finally rolled out a new landing page for ourselves.

Here’s the fun part – our landing page looks completely different depending on what day of the week or hour of the day you look at it thanks to an old-school JavaScript technique – here are a few examples:

Connecting with a visitor on a personal level will drive up your conversion rate – that’s just a fact – and we’re trying to do that universally with our new landing page.

For instance on Monday at 8am darn near everybody in the Western world is just coming to terms with the fact that the weekend is over, and they’re back at work – how could you build on that universal truth with your landing page?

What we set out to accomplish and takeaways:

a) Communicate value quickly to our core audience.

We built a headline / sub-headline format that does a good job telling the story in a couple of seconds: We know you’re busy – contact us for full service conversion rate optimization on a performance basis.

b) Demonstrate that we’re innovative.

Yes, we’re just using an old-school JavaScript trick to serve up time-relevant content, but we’re doing it in an elegant and effective way.

c) Build something that we can easily iterate from in the future.

No social proof, no flowing testimonials – just pure messaging, design that speaks for itself, and lots of room for improvement with rigorous testing.

The results?

With only two weeks of data we’re not yet ready to pop the champagne but we’ve seen a large tick upwards in conversion rate with the added benefit of finally having a design that we can be proud of.

So whatcha think?

We’re looking forward to your feedback and if you’d like a team of people that live, breathe, and dream about landing page optimization to help you dominate your competition – contact us right now.

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5 thoughts on “Using an ancient JavaScript technique to drive conversion rate . . .

  1. Love the new landing page. One thing to consider (popped out at me as a web developer)…make the big green button an image map. When you initially mouse over it, it flashes as it loads the new background image. If you fix the height of the link and put the hover state graphic in the same image as the non-hover state (just under it), then instead of swapping the background image url, you just change the background-position parameter. Instant transition, no extra HTTP call.

    1. Hey Andrew –

      Love the input. We’re actually using a variation of the method you describe that shouldn’t be making an extra HTTP call (changing the background position of this sprite image: ), which makes me wonder why you saw a ‘flash’. Perhaps the browser was bogged down? Let us know if there’s anything else you can tell us to help replicate the behavior you’re seeing.

  2. Very neat use of such basic functionality. Once tiny suggestions, on the “lunch” version there’s a little bit too much green (plate, salad, apple), somewhat conflicting with the action button.

    I hope you guys publish the results, will be interesting to see how much list if created.

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