Our Takeaways: Marketing Experiments Journal – 4th Quarter 2010

This morning our teams woke up to the buzz that Marketing Experiments just released their journal for 4th quarter 2010.

As we read through all 172 pages, 3 entries really stood out to us. Here’s our compiled short list of takeaways for our followers…

Entry #1 -Top Lessons From 2010: What Worked – and What Didn’t – In The Last 365 Days of Experimentation


  • “Marketers must understand that an aesthetically appealing page does not necessarily convert better than an aesthetically unappealing page. Optimization strategy will almost always trump style when it comes to visitor response. This does not mean that aesthetic design has no place in optimization. Branding, images and the like can help conversion when used appropriately, but there is often a disproportionate emphasis placed on the style of design. Marketers would be better off initially focusing on strategy and then focusing on style.”

Entry #2 – Website Optimization: The Five Most Common Pitfalls of Homepage Design


  • Trying to achieve too many objections – “Homepages must be designed to weigh multiple objectives by priority. This requires a clearly sequenced eye-path.”
  • Failing to start a conversation – “Homepages should engage a conversation at 3 basic levels. They should meet, connect, and direct each visitor.”
  • Over-reliance on multimedia to communicate value – “Multimedia can accent and support your ideas, but during those critical seconds with your visitor, it may be best to use text and deliver a more direct message.”

Entry #3 – Analyzing Test Results: How to Further Improve Performance and Find Your Next Test


  • “Optimization is a learning process, and marketers should learn from every test. Whether their results go up or down, well-designed experiments always yield insight.”
  • The three questions to always ask when analyzing test results – Question 1: What does this test say about my visitors? Question 2: Where else might these insights apply? Question 3: What do these results imply we should test next?

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