Organizing Your Website Testing Team – Who Are You Testing With?

We’ve been optimizing landing pages for nearly a decade and at the same time we’ve also constantly optimized our own internal Conversion Voodoo teams.

Jonghee Jo of JPMorgan Chase suggests that, “…you will realize one person is not enough to manage and coordinate all the testing efforts. At that point you will want to be prepared to setup a team to run the ever-growing testing engine effectively!”

Who should be a part of your Website Testing team?

1. Testing Team Lead – Acts as the project manager, lots of coordination needs to be implemented by this person

2. Test Design Professional – Responsible for designing the tests

3. Analytics Professional – Focuses on analyzing data from the tests and generates useful insights from the test data

4. IT Professional – Manages all technical issues around website testing

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So who are you testing with?

Let Conversion Voodoo lead, design, and test your landing pages for world-wide-web domination!

Our company brings together a group of wildly successful and passionate teams of online marketers, copy writers, graphic artists, direct response conversion experts, and software developers. It’s really quite a Motley Crew and we all have one thing in common, a burning desire help business owners and managers succeed in the online world.

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